One Square Mile

One Square Mile

A former track coach decides to train a student with natural athletic talent. Tragedy strikes, forcing the student to confront everything that has been holding him back.

A former track coach decides to train a student with natural athletic talent. Tragedy strikes right before the biggest race of his life, forcing him to confront everything that has been holding him back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick E (ca) wrote: The movie has a few twist and turns, some of which may be obvious for the casual viewer, but the film is nonetheless a visually striking, well made thriller.

Allan C (jp) wrote: I really wanted this movie to honor the look and feel of the 1960s Roger Moore TV series and sadly it did not. "The Avengers" film adaptation of that 1960s British spy series did that quite well, although the script for that film was an absolute mess. It's kind of the of the opposite here with a decent script but dull execution, which is somewhat surprising considering the decent track record of director Phillip Noyce ("Dead Calm", "Patriot Games" and "Salt"). The film does come to life during the action sequences and Noyce does deliver the goods there, but the film has a really unappealing grey look that I think was supposed to have a "Third Man" sort of vibe and it just doesn't come off. I wanted something more breezy and fun, and more akin to the 1960s TV series. I actually wonder what I would have thought of the film if it had made no pretense of being based up on "The Saint", although even in that case I think I might have seen it as being a so-so "Mission Impossible" copycat. I suppose you at least get to see Val Kilmer in a lot of wigs.

DelLusional D (it) wrote: Bloody Hilarious, great British humor \m/shitty music though !

Ryan M (us) wrote: Wasn't quite expecting the "new style of dance" to be burlesque. Better than Love N' Dancing, but nowhere near as good as Save The Last Dance. This formula is starting to get old. I don't know how many dance movies I've seen with this plot line (Center Stage 2 anyone?).

Al M (kr) wrote: A real piece of crap, Nightmare Man is one of the worst of the After Dark Horrorfest films. Badly acted, crappy looking, and completely predictable, Nightmare Man is moderately entertaining but idiotic from beginning to end, particularly once it proceeds into its "twist ending."

Ashley W (nl) wrote: A safe film, but at the same time it has a certain charm to it that makes it watchable.

Matt P (mx) wrote: Just from the trailer, I can tell this movie will be good.

Xenia L (es) wrote: It could have been another sweetish story about 2 couples and how they got it really tangled. But it is not! It's not ordinary namely because of that out-of-the-blue singing and dancing. Choreography is great, as to the singing...well, it's pretty amateur, but so charming.

Jamie B (us) wrote: Want to see it AGAIN

Tero H (us) wrote: Nice, colorful adventurous nature documentary about dolphins. Its very well done and has nice music, its very informative and relaxing, atmospheric film, but unfortunately its also a bit too short. With a bit more information and content it might have been much better. Even so, its worth watching if one is even a bit interested in the oceans, and maybe even if one isn't. Originally filmed for IMAX theaters, this short feature is narrated by Pierce Brosnan and soundtrack by Sting. The dolphins and the scientists are the main characters. As I wrote, its nice but would need a bit more content to make this more interesting..

Joshua F (jp) wrote: I would give it a lower rating except I can't possibly find one bad thing about this movie. It chronicled the life of a great singer and had great talent to do it with.

Adam Y (ag) wrote: What can you say about 'A bout de souffle' (Breathless) that hasn't already been said? Criticizing this film is like criticizing Picasso's Ladies of Avignon...even if you have a point, you'll instantly expose yourself as a dilettante.But what I really, /really/ like about this film is how prescient Godard was with what his audience wanted to see. Not knowing anything about what was going to happen, it is as if he could predict what you wanted to see before he actually showed it to you. You see a quirky young woman selling papers, and you wish you could see her make love...and she does! The constant refrain makes watching this film somewhat hypnotic. You see it all, but you see it all in about as easy a fashion as can be expected.

Marcy A (fr) wrote: My favorite movie when I was a child!!

Alysia H (ru) wrote: LOL! It sounds like theater!

Jacqueline C (us) wrote: a bit prictable and was hanging around..but good for the tension!

Kate B (mx) wrote: Classic comedy, ideal cheesy movie for the xmas holidays :-)

Reece L (gb) wrote: An honest reassessment of Rossellini's brand of neorealism, Mamma Roma updates this style of filmmaking through a focus on the true root of societal discord in the lives of the impoverished. While naming the central character "Mother Rome" may be a little on the nose, Pasolini's choice to have Anna Magnani embody the essence of the ideal Italian woman is inspired, Magnani portraying the hardworking mother willing to sacrifice everything for her son as she did in Rossellini's Rome, Open City. Pasolini's Rome is much more pessimistic than that of the man he emulates, pointing to Italy's own faults instead of idealizing an Italian communal identity, adding an undercurrent of commentary to its homage.

Sharon H (de) wrote: I enjoyed it. Loved the ending!

Brian P (ca) wrote: This movie is epic ! If this urban myths were acted out , how would u die !