One Tough Bastard

One Tough Bastard

When a man's wife and family are murdered, he plots revenge only to find out that the killer is under Federal protection and he must exact his own form of justice.

When a man's wife and family are murdered, he plots revenge only to find out that the killer is under Federal protection and he must exact his own form of justice. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niels S (jp) wrote: Excellent biopic about Churchill's war effort. Sequel to "The Gathering Storm".

Matt N (es) wrote: Loved this film - a real Ealing Comedy for the 90's. Its got something that's missing from sooo many modern films - heart! Its not trying to change the world, there's no overbearing political message, its simply a well written, well acted piece of enjoyable good natured escapism - and all the better for that. Still stands up well today - proof that a good movie can stand the test of time. A shame that the so called professional reviewers only gave it 57% on RT - but then, they would probably prefer something with more 'message' - me, I simply like watching a good film. And this is one. End of.

Dima H (us) wrote: noway its really cooooool movie and who say that its not good is really hm.... i liked that movie alot even though i didnt watch it from along time but antonio he was amazin in this movie...

The Critic (fr) wrote: Not as compelling as it could've been, this is more like a teen soap opera with typical scenarios filling up the plot: the pushy parent, an eating disorder, a sleazy boyfriend, the rebel... On the plus side, it is a good-looking piece, with some likable cast members doing their best with the material, and features an excellent, fresh ballet performance in the finale.

Evan H (ru) wrote: This movie is really good! It has a touching storyline that's brought together by a fine cast and script!

Harim K (br) wrote: the foam rock sets and fake snow are less of an eyesore with an engaging plot and decent acting

Kendall I (au) wrote: Aside from the series, this is the first Andy Griffith work I've seen, and it was pretty funny for its time. PLOT:Will Stockdale (Andy Griffith) is a simple-minded, country bumpkin that lives with his pa near Tobacco Road in Georgia. When he's picked for the draft and nearly arrested (thanks to his pa tearing up his draft letters), he's shipped out to the Air Force barracks, where he befriends the small and jumpy Ben Whitledge (Nick Adams). They both realize later on in the movie that they both want to be transferred to the infantry, where the real heroes are. When Stockdale asks his sergeant, Sergeant King (Myron McCormick), King puts him on latrine duty and makes him PLO (Permanent Latrine Orderly). However, when the colonel find out, King has to get Stockdale classified or lose his job. So now, Stockdale must find a way to get classified fast and also be put in infantry with Ben. If you know Andy Griffith by now, you know this isn't going to work out well. It's a simple plot executed pretty well for its time. ACTING:The acting is actually pretty great. There really isn't a bad performance in this movie. Griffith, Adams, and McCormick come out to be a different type of three stooges; a screwball trio, if you will. They all play their parts well and to the best. The other shiners are Don Knotts as Corporal Brown, James Millhollin as the psychiatrist, and William Fawcet as Pa Stockdale. The only performance that I felt fall a smidgeon short of great was Murray Hamilton as Irvin Blanchard. SCORE:The score was mainly made up of big band music and military themes such as "Taps", "The Star-Spangled Banner", and "When the Saints Go Marchin' In". It was pretty standard, but not bad. OTHER CONTENT:This movie was pretty great considering how the times were in comedy and such. It was a pretty funny film all around. However, I felt that it fell a little in humor from its time of release. It is just a simple screwball comedy set in the military, but I think that kind of helps its fall a bit, for the jokes don't live funny as long as the more clever laughs. Some scenes still did come off as clever and stole the humor away from some of the simple stuff, however. I also felt that the first half of the movie succeeded way over the second half from when they leave the barracks. It's still a pretty funny little movie even now. OVERALL,a great screwball comedy with a simple plot, great acting, typical-yet-good score, some clever scenes, a great first half, and great humor for its time, but it's a little too simple which causes it to fall in funniness from its time.

Ryan H (fr) wrote: The story starts out well and the sexiness heightened by Marilyn Monroe is easily the best part. The problem lies within the fact that there's no other interesting characters other than Rose and George Loomis. Polly and Ray Cutler find themselves in between a messy relationship. They go on their belated honeymoon to Niagara Falls and plan to stay in Cabin B so they can see the Falls just by looking out their window, but the Loomis's are still using the room. They don't mind, they'll take another Cabin. They just want to enjoy their time together. During the day, Polly sees Rose kissing another man at the Falls and doesn't know what to do. That's pretty much where that storyline stops. I'm still not quite sure what the point of showing that was if they weren't going to use it later. I guess it worked because it put Polly in the middle of things and at the same time we see Rose's affair without knowing too much. Hathaway does a great job introducing us to Rose and George's stale marriage by having George come in late one night after walking around the Falls and seeing his wife naked in bed. She pretends to be asleep so he won't bother her. We discover the problem with the relationship isn't so much that they are tired of each other, but George wants Rose to himself and Rose is fed up with the jealousy. She can't even walk outside with a low-cut top, and come on, she was probably wearing that since the first day he met her. The jealousy eats him away. Rose happens to be a pretty smart gal. She knows how to lure George exactly where she wants him to go with absolute subtlety. We don't even know that when he follows her out of the cabin and to the Falls that that was her intention all along. She left the ticket in her pocket for him to see so the next time she went out alone he would follow her there. Hathaway doesn't care about putting this in the audience's face. If they get it, then great. I just wish he would have used the same brilliance with the rest of the film. We find out that George was in a mental hospital for people in the military, but that never really plays a part, just like Polly seeing Rose kissing another man didn't play much of a part. I was really excited when I discovered that George hadn't actually died, but that he saved himself then used the song to throw off Rose. It was such a great twist. I was trying to figure out which was it was going to go, but with the character being Joseph Cotten and the lover was a random actor, I figured he was going to come out on top. Where else would the story go? Once Rose faints, then gets killed, everything becomes a drag. I love Joseph Cotten, but his character wasn't interesting enough to keep things going. Perhaps if they spiced him up more with what we heard about him earlier he would have been better to follow. Then there's the sloppily put together side story of Ray's boss coming to Niagara Falls and taking them out, which keeps them there longer. It leads George to stealing the boat with Polly in it, which puts them both in danger. The film does everything you'd expect without much surprises. But the style and scenery is what keeps things exciting. Monroe plays the femme fatale so well in Niagara, but without anything else written well in the film it's hard to keep the greatness flowing.

Jackie S (ru) wrote: finally was able to see this one.

Trinity C (gb) wrote: *Dave Chappelle*I'm Rick James, bitch. (Couldn't resist it...0