One Way Ticket to Hell

One Way Ticket to Hell

An innocent high school girl becomes a drug addict after she falls in with the wrong crowd.

Cassandra falls in with the wrong crowd in high school. Her home life is not great, and she turns to a group of delinquent bikers to help escape. Before long she's doing drugs and failing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edward K (de) wrote: This movie is complete rubbish, as it lacks any serious historical background. Schlndorff has created a foolish version of the facts. Choltitz would have never spent a full evening with anybody on the eve of surrendering to Col. Rol's communists. In fact records show that meeting never took place. The movie does not show that the Gaullists were fighting the Germans as much as the 25,000 communists in Paris. Maybe he did it to clean his consciousness, maybe to save his men of certain death, maybe to save a cultural city, maybe to honor Prussian military tradition, nobody will ever know for sure. It was certainly not because of Nordling, who was not there that night.

St A (ag) wrote: While the subject matter and improvised performances were commendable given the very low budget this movie has, it's biggest flaw is the fact that it was presented as a "found footage" flick, but fails on all accounts, diminishing its impact.

Jeremy N (au) wrote: You can't help but like any film that's got Adam Faith, Christopher Lee, Oliver Reed, Gillian Hills and Shirley Anne Field in it. "Fighting's for squares , man."

Alex W (jp) wrote: First off the red band trailer for this movie is one of the best trailers i have ever seen so if you haven't seen it go watch it. Second this movie delivers exactly what i hoped it would with amazingly choreographed creative fight scenes. The plot can be a little hard to follow with all the names you had to read though subtitles but just enjoy the action and stunts. More violent then the first and a lot higher budget makes this sequel very different. Its a lot like watching a video game in the best possible way.

Outcast O (br) wrote: This movie is completely insane. Unless you have an extremely dark sense of humor, you will not find much enjoyment in this movie.

Michael O (es) wrote: Very slow dull movie unless you are really into pretentious, artsy, period pieces. A depressing story about a depressed woman with seemingly no way to change her life.

Blake F (au) wrote: this movie try's to be another Van Helsing or Underworld franchise, but it has cheesy CGI and not well written dialogue

Senji M (ca) wrote: A mob romance ... hmm

Gavin K (kr) wrote: A complete asshole and wreck of a human being gets forced into redemption in the way he lives and becomes a better person. Reminded me of As Good As It Gets.

Agung W (fr) wrote: Placement and deepening the characters is very bad. I admit Mirrah Foulkes acting is quite good but due to the deepening of the characters that are less good at making all the characters in this film was nothing. Which is quite prominent in this film only passable cinematography and editing are pretty good. Actually this movie was bored. Thx.

Bill T (jp) wrote: An enjoyable Bollywood film. I got into watching this because it said this was a remake of the Canterville Ghost. Hardly. This film is more of kid's version of Edward Scissorhands. More of a kids film then anything else, this film has some pretty bizarre musical numbers.

Megan G (kr) wrote: omg one of the few shows on disney i liked

Rohit J (ca) wrote: i like this film coz it was my childhood days craze

Anna N (nl) wrote: Was ok, I saw it in the early 90s though...

Mark F (jp) wrote: The premise of this would work as a screwball comedy. It gets so complicated with the various factions fighting amongst themselves to get a $50,000 ransom that it tips into absurdity a little bit. It's pretty watchable though, I liked it.

Matt P (es) wrote: Great movie for a summer night.

Sharon D (it) wrote: I know this is a good movie because I've watched it more than once

Facebook U (us) wrote: Down on their luck normal psychopaths want to make a big criminal coup. They pull it off for a long while but not without unnerving goofs at the start. Can't think of everything! A good thrill ride with them psychopaths. Better than superheroes, that is for sure. Being based on a true story, I would not be certain on how the story would unfold. Great filming on location. I see there is an original dutch version that could be better.

Cameron C (au) wrote: In my opinion, this was a very funny film. The characters were likable, and just really funny. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson make a great team.

Therese O (gb) wrote: THIS IS THE WORLD's best movie. I saw it last night and didnt' want it to end. You want the 80's? You got it. A night well spent, my friend. Well spent.