In medieval times, on a remote plain, a widow and her mother-in-law kill wandering samurai, put their bodies in a hole in the ground and sell their armour and valuables, until the daughter-in-law falls in love with one of their intended victims.

After being forcefully inducted as a soldier into war in 14th century Japan, his wife and mother remain living in a swamp. They eke out their living by ambushing worn-out warriors, killing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Onibaba torrent reviews

Alysse B (it) wrote: Proper cheered my day up, massive respect for Lars!

Annie C (au) wrote: Chuck Bass (R) (C) (C)< 1/4-

Ole J (us) wrote: This is kind of weird, it looks like a docu, it smells like a docu, but it doesn't feel like a docu.

Gordie W (it) wrote: I have the Movie & it is Awesome

Harlan H (fr) wrote: A solid film, two first time filmmakers with a great story that they had themselves lived which to me make it more compelling. Ed Harris played the role to perfection and the Miller Brothers were solid in their performances. Overall, if you like a good story and excellent cinematography you should check out this film.

Hiren P (ca) wrote: no one can stop himself from watching this movie

Ciaran S (us) wrote: I gotta say, I love this movie

Peter S (gb) wrote: Lisa Kudrow is perfect for the title role. But the film is just not funny (with a few exceptions).

Michael H (jp) wrote: Crude, lewd, and would still be a success if it came out today. A classic example of a film pushing limits and seeing success.

Greg W (ca) wrote: good historical bio-pic

Jason T (es) wrote: The last which hunter is pretty much what you would expect another sub par witch movie similar to season of the witch. The biggest problem with the movie is beyond its cheesiness it just feels boring. We have seen it all before. The performances are by the numbers. It gets better towards the end but not enough to save the film.