After spending over half his life in prison, ex-hitman Kunihiro is determined to go straight. But the shortcomings of the new gangs mean that he is soon having to call on his old-school yakuza talents. And when he falls for Asako, a beautiful piano player, she unknowingly ignites a fire within Kuni that will immolate everything and everybody around him. Regarded by many as his masterpiece, Onibi has all the hallmarks of a Mochizuki film, with the gangster elements tightly compressed and controlled to allow space in which a subdued romance can bloom. Coming from a background in porno cinema, this master of sexual relations injects a fresh passion and tension into the macho world of the yakuza film.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:hitman,   yakuza,  

A yakuza hitman gets out of jail and decides to start a new life, but soon his old life catches up with him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarath A (us) wrote: cinematography is just overclocking..An eye candy

Angie S (it) wrote: Good for a western. I thought it was going to be awful, yet was very good in the long run.

Todd L (ag) wrote: Hilarious...was soooo pleasantly surprised with such a bizzare idea. Excellent cast...a couple of no names in the lead beefed up with the class talent of Mr Mantegna....definitley one for the DVD rack @ home.

Jnior S (fr) wrote: O ltimo grande filme de Woody Allen

John W (br) wrote: While Hellraiser VI does see the return of a now grown and married Kirsty, it begs the question how can you have a Hellraiser with almost no screen time for the one character that IS the series? Pinhead is all but absent which makes a decent story and plot a very poor addition to the series.

Benjamin (jp) wrote: A dark sexy thriller. More Peter Facinelli with his shirt off would of made this movie better but i enjoyed it anyways

Liy D (nl) wrote: Such a cute movie when I was a kid. It really has been forever.

Jason D (gb) wrote: Demon Wind is the story of Cory (Eric Larson) and his eight (!!) friends who accompany him on his quest to discover his family history after the suicide of his estranged father. Against the warnings of the know-it-all wise man, the group ventures out to the old abandoned farm where Satan worshiping, demons, and murder ran rampant. Naturally, the group becomes trapped on the farm, unable to leave the area, and are picked off one by one as they attempt to battle all of the undead demons/zombie hybrids that come after them until an epic battle between Cory and Satan ensues, with plenty of campy 90's gore effects and unintentional comedy abound. The movie has its up and downs. It takes 45 minutes to get to the first death within the group (which was actually awesome and creepy. Hell, that same person manages to have 2 awesome deaths actually), but then the characters become a bit annoying (thanks to the writing and direction from Charles Philip Moore) as they completely forget about the first person dying and show no emotions for it until others start dying. Yeah, it's a bit trivial, but that lack of continuity really bothered me for some reason. As for the rest of the deaths, most of them are average, but a couple manage to be actually cool and unique. The story does tend to get a bit silly, but this small Evil Dead clone managed to entertain me. This is no surprise though as I do love these kinds of corny films. Just wish it hadn't taken 45 minutes to get to the good stuff. Overall, though, not bad.

Mike C (kr) wrote: Girls, you can't change bad guys; guys, you can't change bad girls. Well, most of the time. I suppose the day I become that cynical about people it's probably time to go.And that's why I like this movie. Wiig takes a break from comedy to play a downtrodden woman who evidently has a bigger independent streak than we'd ever guess. She works as a maid, and her new job introduces her to the not-so-nice man played by Guy Pearce, and his daughter and her friend. Mostly the friend takes it upon herself to write letters to Wiig's character as the dad. Wiig, who has never had attention from a man, evidently, falls fast and hard and moves to be with him.I have no problem believing the movie to this point. Wiig's character seems to be lacking character so the biggest leap of faith is that she has something like this in her. But it happens. The better part of the story is that it actually works. He first proves to be a loser, but as she cooks for him and treats him with respect, he says, "I can get used to this." Not sure a greater point was the intent of the writers here, but that's the way I took it. It would be easy to give up on a guy like Ken. He's a druggie loser with a criminal past. But Johanna doesn't know any better. And she perseveres. And her good is contagious. I do believe that exists. Not all the time, and if you try you're likely to get burned a great number of times. But I think good people can change bad people and we should never stop trying. And realistic or not - that can be up for debate - this story went that way and I kinda like it.

Teresa D (ru) wrote: Great movie! Kate Winslet is amazing in this movie.