Onkel Bill fra New York

Onkel Bill fra New York

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Onkel Bill fra New York torrent reviews

Jordi T (it) wrote: Hermosa y surrealista pelicula como pocas he visto ultimamente. Partiendo de una historia un tanto simple, un musico que, al perder su violin tras una disputa con su mujer decide tumbarse en su cama hasta morir. A raiz de eso repasaremos su vida, con todos sus altibajos, y viviremos la historia de amor mas hermosa de los ultimos tiempos en un lugar tan poco romantico como Teheran, capital de Iran. Obra de la directora de la genial Persepolis, y con trozos de animacion como la susodicha, tiene en sus dos interpretes principales su mejor baza. Una impasible Maria de Medeiros, convencida del poco amor que le profesa su marido y un descomunal Mathieu Amalric, increible en su papel de violinista desesperado...

Andres G (it) wrote: Interesting hollywood style movie set in Spain during the Napolen invasion.The cast is not bad, specially Juan Jos Ballesta and Astrid Bergs-Frisbey but some parts of the story, dialogues and, mainly, changes of stage and camera helicopter POV "a la" "Lord of the Rings" are not that well done and a little bit abused.

Carole S (fr) wrote: Okay...I'll be honest....the main reason why I wanted to watch this was because of James Purefoy and Paul Giamatti. Love them! Besides for the actors and the awesome fight scenes this...well...disappointed me. It was extremely historically inaccurate and there was a huge lack of dialogue and depth. Pretty much the actors are the only ones who saved the film. Especially James Purefoy who played the Knight Templar, Thomas Marshal. Thomas Marshal is made up (I looked) and was based off of the famous William Marshal. Poor Thomas. He lost everything in one day thanks to good ol' King John. He snapped and decided enough was enough, so he teamed up with Baron d'Aubigny. They take over a different Baron's castle and hold up against King John and his Danish army until the French arrive. Throughout all this there is blood and love. Yes....there is a love story between Thomas and Lady Isabel (the castle's baron's wife. Tsk). It was forced and just didn't make sense. o.o She pretty much raped him, because he refused and said he was a man of God and had given up normal life to fight for God. She was like, "NO WAY JOSE! THE ORDER IS DONE, SO LET'S GET IT ON!" And he responded, "NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!.......OKAY. Just this once though!" Tsk, tsk. I feel like they forced this romance to add more depth to the story, but it failed. Plus it didn't help that they made her look slutty.Is there and HEA? That I can not tell you....but the ending will make you shake your head. I loved the last fight between the head of the Danish army and Thomas. Awesome and had me worried for Thomas. There were lots of sad heroics, but then...something happened and it made me mad. I can not say, but alas, that's not how it should have ended.There's not much else to say. This was okay and I enjoyed it well enough. It was an interesting take on a historical event that happened during the time of King John and the magna carta. The amazing fight scenes and actors are the only reason to watch this film. If it wasn't for them...this would have been crap. I wish that they would have cut out the romance between Lady Isabel and Thomas (because it would never had happened). Also, the ending made me shake my head. I loved the last epic fight scene and the heroics...but the last 5 minutes was not okay. I would recommend this to those that like James Purefoy and for those that love a good war movie. Out of five stars I will grant this...ummmmm.... 2 stars. Favorite Character(s): Thomas, King John (just because of the actor and how will he played him), Daniel Marks (hahaha), and the SquireNot-so Favorite Character(s): Lady Isabel

Steven C (es) wrote: This is a great movie but is sad the way that they treated those with mental disabilities

Jessica H (ag) wrote: you've seen it before, but it's still interesting.

Eric L (kr) wrote: Alyssa Milano is SEXY AS HELL playing a virginal college girl who succumbs to her inner feelings of arousal and affection while under the spell of a mysterious bad boy who unleashes her sexier, lustier side. Great coming of age movie and great casting and timing to show off Alyssa's new, perky, store-bought breasts!! GOOD WORK DOC!!!!

Kenneth H (de) wrote: Beyond Rangoon has a decent plot, though the back story is a little silly and contrived: woman loses her family and in her grief she vacations in Burma (of all places) and ends up being inspired to help the poor oppressed people there. Yay...This movie doesn't so much move as plod along at a rather slow pace, and Patricia Arquette gives one of the most forced delivery of her lines that I've ever seen.

James M (us) wrote: A rather standard thriller starring James Woods as a homicide detective, obsessed that a recent murder is related to a string of unresolved crimes by an unknown serial killer. Ostracising his family and colleagues, this movie is practically carried by Woods' excellent performance. Shame the last 10 minutes descends into clicheland. Based on a novel by James Ellroy.

Brian P (br) wrote: didnt like this one.........

Harley H (ca) wrote: Awesome. Funniest movie I've seen all year :)

Stephen Z (us) wrote: "Total Recall" is a movie that represents the best of both 80's and 90's cinema. It is both a really funny and a brutally violent movie. It features some decent action and some truly impressive special effects.But perhaps the best feature of "Total Recall" is its central plot twist. The big twist is a huge, mind-blowing surprise, even though it makes no sense. In fact, it kind of contradicts other things in the film. Nevertheless, the twist accomplishes its task, which is to make you question what is reality and what is imagined. For all of its flash and flare, it is its ability to make you think that is "Total Recall's" greatest asset."Total Recall" is a really great action movie. It is also one of Schwarzenegger's best action films, not so much because of his performance, but because of what he is given to do. Though its big twist is somewhat convoluted, "Total Recall" will take you on a fun, action-packed ride, nonetheless.