Only Love

Only Love

Two young lovers whose romantic dreams were shattered, are reunited years later in this sweeping story of fobidden love.

Nico Rinaldi gets Dr. Matthew Heller to see his wife Silvia, born D'Alessandro, privately, about a tumor. This stirs doc's memory how they met 15 years before, as young medical idealists, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin C (it) wrote: Mugamoodi the first super-hero flick in tamil cinema is not a good one at all. This is a story about a guy who accidentally gets mixed up in cat and mouse game between thieves and police and has to take an super-hero avatar to get things solved. Sounds interesting, well it only sounds interesting but the movie isn't. So before I tell you the cons in this movie I will tell what I liked in the movie('cause the list is short). Firstly Jiiva has done a good job especially during the kung fu sequence.The music, Cinematography and stunts deserve high marks and the good things list ends here. Now moving to the long list of goof-ups the casting of Narain he has given the worst performance of his career, but the blame should be on mysskin writing such a weak character. While Narain is on screen people cant stop laughing be it his quirky attitude or the bad dialogues. Next is the screenplay its very slow for a super hero movie and second half becomes much worst than the first half. Director Mysskin has given many good movies but this one is his no where near those.Over all the movie is a complete waste of time.

Steve H (kr) wrote: worthwhile watching, interesting concept although they should've finished the movie 15 mins before the end.

Pamela H (ag) wrote: An absolutely hilarious film that I could easily watch over and over again!

Mike B (kr) wrote: Dull, boring, and oddly filmed. Did not hold my attention at all. The scenes were awkward, slow and too long.

Kenneth S (es) wrote: I love this film. It's a simple story of a priest trying to save the life of a sullen prostitute. As the story plays out, we find that a simple act of kindness can make all the difference for any soul, no matter how depraved they are. Jeremy Sisto, mirroring his Law & Order character only with more caring, plays the priest trying to do anything he can ethically to save this poor woman's soul. This puts him at odds with his own congregation and hierarchy, which mirrors the old adage "Don't Rock The Boat, Baby". I was pleasantly surprised to say that the film turned out much as I wanted to, not where some horny priest tries to satisfy his earthly desires with a female and somehow mistakes that for love. Overall, this film succeeded all expectations and it goes to show that in Hollywood isn't always in the mood to bash religion at every turn. An atypically brilliant that everybody must see in my opinion.

Preston B (ca) wrote: Redford delivers the performance of his career in this amazing prison drama based on the real life Arkansas Prison Scandal.

Craig C (br) wrote: the first big breakthrough martial art movie that still inspires people today, must watch

Richard P (kr) wrote: Love the direction and Brando is great.