Onna kyôshi wa nido okasareru

Onna kyôshi wa nido okasareru

High school science teacher Kojima Miho is very popular among male students.

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Tim L (br) wrote: Gets bit cartoony with the action toward the end, but the squeam-inducing moments of body horror leading up to it are worth it. Overall a refreshingly scientific take on the werewolf mystique.

Katharine H (nl) wrote: As many in the long list of "found footage" paranormal films, Paranormal Incident fails to deliver on fright, acting and general entertainment. The story had a turn at the end, but the poor execution made it lack luster and unwatchable. Giving this film one star was generous.

Petros T (mx) wrote: "Scary Movie" ranks as a very pleasant diversion. There's enough big laughs and plain silliness to make for a textbook, short, to-the-point parody. Mission accomplished.

Denise K (kr) wrote: Holy smoke!!! That was a really bad movie!! It went from hard to follow, to maybe it's okay... to unbearable pain!!! But after wasting an hour and a half, it would be worse, to not know what the supposed point of it was....it got worse. Horrible, weird, don't waste your time or brain cells.It is unfortunate, bc I love both Kate Winslet and Harvey Keitel. They were great, but I hated the story line. Only good thing was the soundtrack. Neil Diamond, and other great songs!

Jake S (us) wrote: better than the first one in my opinion if you live chevy chase this is a must see

Corey n (jp) wrote: This is a movie based off the biblical story of David. The film stars Richard Gere as David. He is quite good in this role. The film is well done and the story entertaining. My favorite scene though is the famous David Vs Goliath fight. I also like how they go into David's adult life and his problems as king. Worth at least a one time watch.

Alastair H (kr) wrote: some of the best one liners in the history of cinema, ona munsen a joy!

Donibscottctcisnet D (au) wrote: NOT just another post apocalyptic movie. It was not boring like I expected. Exciting action here, plenty blade usage too!

Omar L (jp) wrote: The most fascinating part of this story and its place on American history and culture is the impact the confirmation hearings had, not the hearings themselves. With made the confirmation hearings so memorable was not simply the fact that they were going on, but that simply the language of sex and pornography entered into intellectual discussion in America. As far as the hearings themselves, they were quite boring, and so is this movie. While the performances by everyone are competent (Greg Kinnear does an amazing Joe Biden, whom I actually met once), the stakes never seemed really high. As in real life, the best part of this story was what happened afterwards: a redefinition of American's society's attitude to sexual harassment towards women in the workplace.