Onna kyôshi: Yogoreta uwasa

Onna kyôshi: Yogoreta uwasa


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Onna kyôshi: Yogoreta uwasa torrent reviews

AlphabetsAndNumerals (nl) wrote: the cinematography is effing beautiful, almost a silent movie but that just adds to the grandeur of the film

shai l (mx) wrote: Bening is lovely and fiery.

Marcos M (fr) wrote: WORDS ARE VERY UNNECESSARY....Most of the movie nowadays (specially if they come from us)...... AND FORGETTABLE....... use million of words to say nothing......THEY CAN ONLY DO HARM......This Hungarian film says none and leaves you speechless.ENJOY THE SILENCE

Kai L (us) wrote: One of the best shows you can see!

Lore M (jp) wrote: Complicated and raw love story. All the characters are grey (well maybe not Larry). I love all the quotes.

Leon B (fr) wrote: Review:How can anyone say anything bad about a heart warming movie with Morgan Freeman playing the lead? I saw this movie some time ago on Sky so I knew what to expect. Although I knew the whole storyline, I still found it quite entertaining I enjoyed watching the softer side to Morgan Freeman, even though he is playing a miserable git. All of the actors put in believable performances, and the storyline is well put together by the director. It's good that people are still making movies that rely on a great storyline and a good cast. Enjoyable!Round-Up:This movie definitely deserved a bigger gross. Morgan Freeman played his part extremely well and it really does show that he is in a league of his own. No one can play roles like these, as well as Morgan, which is why people always have him on the top of there list when it comes to movies in this category. Anyway, it's not the type of movie that will blow you away or watch time and time again, but if your in the right mood, you can't help but feel touched by this touching drama.Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: $102,000 (Terrible)I recommend this movie to people who are into there witty dramas about a grumpy old man becoming friends with a fatherless family. 5/10