Open Fire

Open Fire

Mercenaries leads from Kruger seize an entire city, and one man sets out to stop them.

Mercenaries leads from Kruger seize an entire city, and one man sets out to stop them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin J (it) wrote: What's wrong with making a nice, sophisticated procedural? Must everything be "action-packed"? Just as I do not expect something with "Sherlock Holmes" in the title to be a Matrix-like martial arts film, I similarly do not expect (nor want) a film about Judge Dee to be Yuen Woo-pinged to death.

anYa (it) wrote: other than the last dance, the movie it's crap

Edward C (au) wrote: Jobs(2013)StarringAshton Kutcher,Dermot Mulroney,Josh Gad,Lukas Haas,Matthew Modine,J.K Simmions,Lesely Ann WarrenDirected By:Joshua Michael SternReviewThis movie is a love hate debate for any apple/Steve Jobs enthuses. This movie is a mess, it's terribly structured, hardly ever focused and the screenplay is just all over the place. There's not much of a cohesive narrative but that being said the acting in this movie is just so good. Every actor in this movie is just too good to be stranded in a mess of a film. It's borderline insulting, AShton Kutcher doesn't just give his performance to date, he gave one of the best performances of 2013, and guys I hate Ashton Kutcher. I personally never gave a hoot for his acting until I saw this film. He looks and acts so much like Steve Jobs it just blew my mind. Josh Gad also gives a great performance as Steve warsniak despite that the things that happened between him and Jobs are made up. So if I love the performances why do I think it's terrible because Jobs could have been and should have been something great. And instead strands great performances in a mess of a movie. Given the talent in this movie there is no excuse for this film to be structured so poorly. Every time the movie would start to focus on something important in Jobs's career it would abandoned talking about that and movie on to the next thing. The movie is two hours yet it feels the need to rush through jobs's career rather then focusing on the major parts of it. The rivalry between Jobs and Bill gates was a huge part of his career and yet that's just passed on like a cliff note. We get Jobs making one angry phone call to gates and that's it. Gates doesn't even make an appearance in this film that's just weak.Jobs had the potential to be if not good but great which is why I give this disappointment a two out of five.

Joe W (mx) wrote: A film beautifully adapted from a great novel! Stellar performances from each cast member!

Diana W (fr) wrote: bad, worst, cliche.... just another music film... the actors are bad.... the storyline is trash..... the only thing that's quite acceptable is the soundtracks. other than that, all are just some sort of 'supporting casts'.

Anne O (de) wrote: I did NOT like this movie. It was all over the place. First he's swinging on a rope into a forest that he uses his "Imagination" to see everything which doesn't even make sense because the girl can see what he sees in his imagination, but back to the point the movie is all over itself he ha stop find his dad's keys that are miraculously strung to a tree then going on a field trip with only him and his teacher ON A SATURDAY!

Rob A (nl) wrote: Not nearly as good as the original.

Tony G (kr) wrote: my favourite movie...ever!

Brian P (us) wrote: Surprisingly good for a TV movie...

Art S (br) wrote: Apparently, this is the film that Joy Division's Ian Curtis watched the night he died and it is pretty bleak. Herzog's very unique perspective on life is made manifest by the script he wrote, the actors he chose, the locations he found, and an incredible dancing chicken. Bruno S. (previously the star of Herzog's Kaspar Hauser) plays a street musician who has spent most of his life institutionalized - in fact, he is playing himself, although there is apparently little improvisation in the film (so we are really getting Herzog's "ecstatic truth" version of Bruno). After being released from jail, Bruno hooks up with Eva, a down-on-her-luck prostitute, and they get messed around by her pimps. Berlin turns so depressing that they decide to travel to the USA with Herr Schweitz (an elderly eccentric, also featured in Kaspar Hauser) who has a nephew in Wisconsin. Arriving there (after a journey that evokes many moods), they get a trailer home, jobs as a mechanic and waitress (respectively), and settle in outside a truckstop. Herzog's dead eye sees some black humor in this situation - as the characters struggle to make a living and American capitalism tightens its noose around them. In the end, there is only the dancing chicken - an apt metaphor for our workaday lives if ever there was one and fully in keeping with Herzog's heightened (but dark) sense of the absurd.

Augustine H (fr) wrote: With inheritance from Alain Delon in Le Samoura and influenced filmmakers such as Bla Tarr and Jim Jarmusch, Love Is Colder Than Death is indeed of significance as we are introduced to the cursed world of Fassbinder. However, I am not at all amused at the heavy electronic music, nor care what happened to the protagonists.

Dan O (gb) wrote: Poitier is great, but that's expected. The rest of the movie is alright, but a bit out-dated by today's standards.

Shaun B (au) wrote: If you like romantic movies that are whimsical and don't like to themselves too seriously but feel as though you've seen them all and you know little to nothing about director Jean-Luc Godard and you're currently looking at me as though there are giants bees flying out of my every orifice when I say the words "New Wave cinema" then whoo-baby have I got the perfect film for you. But it's in French and you're gonna need to read subtitles. A very strong early entry into the canon of one of film's finest auteurs.

Sandy K (de) wrote: A smart thriller in many ways, yet the acting and dialog felt stilted in places. I guess I just expected more from a BBC film.

pacificoduck (ca) wrote: Sooooo fucking weird....but strangely kept my interest lol

Leonard D (nl) wrote: Yeah, sure, it's the same as the last film, but the best thing about this, was the kraken! Man o man, was that beast terrifying or what!? Unfortunately, Orlando and Keira are no longer necessary in this sequel, and are kind of a waste of my time! Johnny hams it up just like in the first film, and was still enjoyable to watch!