Open Water

Open Water

Two divers are left out at sea without a boat. There’s nothing but water for miles, unless they look at what’s underneath them...

Daniel and Susan embark on a tropical vacation with their scuba-diving certifications in tow. But after their tour boat has left, the couple accidentally stranded in shark infested waters and have to fight hard to survive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Open Water torrent reviews

Tom R (gb) wrote: When you already read the book it doesn't seem so exciting. But still its a good movie to watch.

nikki f (ru) wrote: This film was very eye-opening, though not really as uplifting as I had hoped/expected. It??s a very interesting look at the turtle/tortoise crisis through the lens of one individual who gave all in attempts to create a the largest turtle/tortoise foundation in America. Though his dream failed, there is hope in the others that were willing to home his 1200 turtles/tortoises. I think the film brings a lot into awareness about what we need to do for this species? though I do feel blue after watching it. And I am looking forward to getting a Russian Tortoise in April. While my parents were originally going to buy one at the pet store from me, I will now be adopting it through a foundation in CA. (1-9-09)

Claire M (de) wrote: I liked this one also as a kid. Not too much of a fan now but still gives me great memories

Trystan C (ru) wrote: More a series of scenes than a really complete-feeling movie, this one would have been one of the most depressing movie's I've ever seen had it not been for Jack Black's presence. I may just be biased, but his comic talent, even as subtle as it was in this, was just enough to take the edge of Nicole Kidman's harsh performance. Not that her performance was bad, it was actually really good, it was just good at being angry, bitter, and manipulative, to the point where I almost found her irredeemable.This movie is definitely an acquired taste. If you liked "The Squid & The Whale," I think you'll definitely be in to this one. Otherwise? Do you enjoy watching Jack Black cry?

Trey S (ag) wrote: [color=black]Paradise Texas was shot only 40 miles from my home, but that's not going to earn it any points. This movie is cheap, with little productions value and a foggy playout. The story follws Mack Cameron played decently by Timothy Bottoms as a has been Hollywood hot shot who is cast in a role in a small independent movie. As the movie plays out so does Cameron's life, his problems and his relationship with his family. There's a "car wreck" in this movie that is laughable and it seemed that the only time I smiled is when Cameron's character get's punched in the face by an angry father. What does that tell you about this movie? Overall Paradise Texas might be enjoyed on an independent lv but I've seen much better independent films.[/color]

Kristen N (us) wrote: This movie is seriously terrible. If it actually succeeded in being funny, it would be funny in the way that Juno is funny, but it fails horribly. The DVD that I was watching was damaged, and so I missed parts that the disc skipped over, and I didn't even care. I couldn't even finish the movie, which would normally drive me crazy, but I really didn't care what happened.

Ryan C (mx) wrote: Above the Law, Hard to Kill, Marked for Death, and Out for Justice are the original 4 Steven Seagal movies and I always put them in a quadrilogy. I love all 4 of these movies and there all perfection and masterpieces. This is the one that started it all and Seagal's first onscreen appearance. It's got great action, great plot and a heck of a debut for Segal!!! It's just great.

Jeff B (br) wrote: Tailoring the series for the war effort, the occasionally entertaining The Invisible Agent does little for morale, but winningly keeps the SFX at the forefront. Aping Charlie Chaplin (The Great Dictator) and The Three Stooges (You Nazty Spy!, Ill Never Heil Again) in making the Third Reich out to be a buffoonish laughingstock, this harmless film keeps the tone light even when its trying to be serious.In this unrated continuation of the Universal series, the Invisible Man's grandson (Jon Hall) uses his secret formula to spy on Nazi Germany.Here, Peter Lorre gets better material than with The Invisible Woman. Hes joined by Ilona Massey and Cedric Hardwicke in a tale that's more rousing and enjoyable than it deserves to be. Hats off to Kurt Siodmak, a screenwriter who churned out a ridiculous amount of scripts for every Universal horror franchise but The Mummy including Dracula (Son of Dracula), Frankenstein (House of Frankenstein), The Invisible Man (The Invisible Man Returns), and, The Wolf Man (Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man). This espionage thriller-cum-comedy might not approach the quality of his crowning achievement (The Wolf Man) but its funtastic enough to earn him huge respect just for his overall batting average when it comes to quality and output.Bottom line: Spy Gamey

Jorge O (it) wrote: Great movie, recommended