Opening Night

Opening Night

An actress suffers an emotional uproar in her personal life after a fan dies trying to see her.

An actress suffers an emotional uproar in her personal life after a fan dies trying to see her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Varun L (au) wrote: Want the Govinda days back? David and Varun Dhavan has recreated those moments in this movie with a touch of hotness with Ileana and Narghis! Sexy + masala fun! Do watch!

Jack S (jp) wrote: Winstead's performance as a young woman with a drinking problem, is certainly of note in this not-bad drama. "Smashed" holds the viewer's interest, but lacks any real punch. Still, it's a good issue to highlight, and hopefully there will be more movies made about this subject.

Tom H (us) wrote: Hogg managed the impossible and made a brilliant, but utterly boring film. A very static and distant camera combined with desaturated colors and lack of any embellishment (music) are representative of the boredom this family on holiday is living. It's painful to watch but perfectly captures the dysfunction and the inability to focus on the essential of Britain's upper middle class today. Unfortunately, the boredom wins out in the end. Don't watch this on a rainy day, you might want to go out and kill yourself afterwards.

Brandon W (de) wrote: The Pirates! Band of Misfits is directed by Peter Lord, and it stars Hugh Grant, Martin Freeman, and David Tennant in an Aardman Studio film about a Pirate Captain and his crew not getting the respect from the public, and they think that winning the Pirate of the Year award will help gain the respect. I'm always excited for a stop-motion films because you don't get to see them often in theaters. There's only Aardman Studios and Laika, but they take their time to finish a film, which is like a few years. So with this film, I can say that The Pirates! Band of Misfits is a lot of fun to watch. The voice actors really for their roles pretty good, and even if there's not much that you can do with high animation in terms of the setting, the animation still looks really good that I had no idea that some of the effects were CG. The characters are memorable, the villain is menacing enough that you just really want to see this character go down, and the action scenes are really well done, which I can imagine is difficult and time consuming to do with stop-motion. The humor is really funny, and I have not quite seen something like this in a pirate film that's quite inventively odd. The Pirates! Band of Misfits is a fantastic film that Aardman Studios has done it again.

Dan M (kr) wrote: Under any other circumstances I would give this movie a failing grade, but this is Weird Al so it gets a pass from me(but just barely). It's short, somewhat entertaining even though most of the time the jokes miss their mark. I guess Weird Al figured it'd be better to parody music as opposed to movies.

Cleopatra G (ca) wrote: I Breaker Morant - Wow. Really great movie. I highly recommend it.It's a true story about three Australian soldiers who fight for the English in South Africa during the Boer War. The quick summary is that they kill some Boer prisoners of war and a German missionary, are arrested for not following orders, and brought to military trial. The entire film is the court-martial, and of course, the finale is the verdict and sentencing. It's got it all - outstanding acting, cinematography, costumes, and script. The suspense is very engaging and the climax is truly thought-provoking.

John C (ca) wrote: Kaiju is my second favorite of film genre's, and this is one of the better ones, having my second favorite "strange beast", Gamera. A spaceship lands on Earth, and two boys find it, get inside and it takes off towards a distant planet called Terra, very Earth-like but located on the complete opposite of the sun from Earth. Upon arriving, they are greated by two friendly alien people, however all the fun turns bad when their motive of eating their brains and returning to Earth to do the same to everyone else becomes known. Their protector monster, Guiron, however, gets set free and being no longer under the control of the alien people, is out to destroy the kids, the alien people and Gamera as well. The monster effects are more of the same as found in any kaiju film and Gamera's tusks, jets and blue blood give a very comforting feel in how he's portrayed. There is even a cameo appearance by Space Gyaos, another very popular kaiju monster. I always watch the English dub's of these films, as opposed to subtitled, and the voices work well enough. All in all, a very good entry into the genre.

Glity R (au) wrote: Surely one of both Liz Taylor's and Brando's most strange and offbeat movies. Real strong performances from the starring actors.