Operacion 67

Operacion 67

The silver masked Santo tries to stop a gang of counterfeiters who conspire to ruin the economy.

The silver masked Santo tries to stop a gang of counterfeiters who conspire to ruin the economy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Operacion 67 torrent reviews

Linds D (us) wrote: This is a good movie.

John B (ag) wrote: Once again, a mislabeling by Flixster. This most certainly is not a documentary or special interest. I suggest a four star partly out of aging sentimentality but this curious Danish film that happens to have Pierce Brosnan thrown in is terribly charming.

Nick G (gb) wrote: It has that same bleak vibe that "Requiem for a Dream" had 10 years ago. However, this movie is nothing compared to Aronofsky's masterpiece. I liked the urban neo-realism that Buddy Giovinazzo used in this film; telling a story of how crack has destroyed one little block in Los Angeles through the lives of multiple people. What mainly killed it for me was that the characters were interesting but only 1 or 2 of them really got the necessary camera time to develop.

Vicki G (au) wrote: A slightly unsettling film, but very well scripted. It had a stillness to it that I really liked.

David L (nl) wrote: Fracture is the story of two brilliant minds going head to head in a compelling battle for justice. When Hopkins shoots his wife in cold blood and confesses all to the police, all Gosling needs to do is attend the trial and put him away for good, before advancing to his more prestigious role in a new law firm - easy right? Well things prove to be a little more tricky when there is no evidence to convict anyone of attempted murder. With time against him before starting his new job, and with an ego to be saved, Gosling must wrack his brains to outwit this experienced and cunning opponent, before he loses it all - job, pride and new beau. Despite the fact the innocent and guilty parties are both known from the outset, and we know justice should prevail, one can't help but enjoy the manner at which the arrogance and cockiness of Goslings character is notably brought back down to earth with a bang. You find yourself rooting for both sides to some extent and the unforeseeable nature to which this pans out makes it essential viewing. Hopkins is a master at conveying the psychotic yet intellectually gifted persona ever since his Hannibal Lecter days and that is displayed here once again, providing the perfect contrast to Goslings youthful, eager, but naive character traits. Occasionally you come across a film that totally surpasses your expectations, more so because you've never even heard of it before, so this was a wonderful surprise in the offering and a definite recommendation for all those that enjoy a good crime drama.

Michelle G (jp) wrote: This movie is so moving, and inspiring. It tells a story of a struggling, aspiring writer who learns to love with a whole heart through the love of an elderly woman. Heart-warming and heart-felt, anyone who appreciates subtle comedy and drama mixed together will surely love this movie, as I did!

Arvia G (ru) wrote: Movie starts off pretty interesting but then gets really corny.

Saku N (br) wrote: Narcosleepy is the best word ever invented! LMAO!!!

Sean C (jp) wrote: I can never turn down a old Italian horror film. They all hold a special place in my heart. Unfortunately, some are just awful. I only heard of this movie recently because I had just seen Beyond The Door from the same director. The acting is terrible, a few of the gory death scenes made me laugh, and the guy who plays the uncle/priest was just annoying. The singing of old children's songs and how "sinister" they are got old very fast. This is nothing like the other great Italian horror filmmakers.

TTT C (it) wrote: (*): Thumbs Down Bad in every respect!

Tomek S (fr) wrote: the true nature of desire, an accurate assessment mr Bunuel.

Anh H (es) wrote: Not the best from DC.