Operation Delta Force

Operation Delta Force

A team of military experts and scientists go after a terrorist group that has seized a deadly virus and is threatening to release it.

A team of military experts and scientists go after a terrorist group that has seized a deadly virus and is threatening to release it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zahid C (es) wrote: Day: TuesdayDate: 26 Aug 2014Time: 10.45 pmWith: NooneOn: HDTV

Mark H (ag) wrote: interesting doc, worth giving a look before this becomes a history lesson.

Hans L (br) wrote: Part two managed to stay true like part one. However the skipped details were, although not vital, but still nice to see.

Eman B (kr) wrote: I couldn't wait any longer to watch it with my sis.. so i saw it on my own.. and if i had seen it with abalee we wouldve made it a comedy.. cuz it was very predictable and u woudl know the plot ending. they played lots of music in the background .. it couldve been more fun if they had something entertaining to make it interesting.. But overall there was a message just because you look that way doesnt mean u have to put us down.

Pablo P (us) wrote: Con todo el dolor del alma, tengo que decir que fue la peor pelcula que vi en los ltimos cinco aos. Ledo, basta de guiones para nenes de cuatro aos.

Helena K (mx) wrote: depressive, but need to be seen...

Michelle M (ag) wrote: bet not as good as the first, i hate these shitty sequels

TheComicDoctor (nl) wrote: Great graphics. Amazing actors. Amazing story. Awesome!!!!!!!!

Kristina M (fr) wrote: Julie Andrews looks weird old

Chris P (ru) wrote: The best breasts ever to grace film belong to Ms. Stacy Haiduk in this amazing gem. Ever hear what the word "geek" originally meant? A must see!

Ben P (ag) wrote: "It's better to roll up your life into one night and one man and one gun." - Sgt. Mac (Frank Silvera) in Fear and Desire Stanley Kubrick ended his feature filmmaking career with the underappreciated Eyes Wide Shut and started it with the now nearly extinct Fear and Desire. Of course in between Kubrick became an undisputed master of cinema; commanding film classics like Paths of Glory, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining and many more. His departure from being a Look Magazine photographer and exposition into his 'Odyssey' of narrative films was this story of four soldiers behind enemy lines. Set in an unnamed forest and transpiring during an unknown war, the movie opens to four men in the woods. It is revealed that these men are soldiers who have crashed their plane behind enemy lines. The leader of the group Lt. Corby (Kenneth Harp) wants to lead his men to the river build a raft and escape during night fall. The situation is tense as the men's very own fears and sometimes their desires collide with one another. Sgt. Mac (Frank Silvera) has a slight pessimism, Fletcher (Steve Coit) actually isn't that well characterized and Sidney (Paul Mazursky) is swiftly descending into insanity. The film was made for only $50,000, and it really shows in the way that there are few actors and even fewer settings. But there is very apparent bits of Kubrickian genius that poke through its rough exterior. For instance his name is all over the credits. Like many of his later films, Kubrick's perfectionism shines through with all the duties he took charge of being the film's director, cinematographer, producer and editor. There is also the earliest evidence of the trademark "Kubrick stare" shots like the ones with Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange, Jack Nicholson in The Shining and Vincent D'Onofrio in Full Metal Jacket. The stares occur during a scene between a crazed Sidney and the young girl (Virginia Leith) he has kept hostage. Fear and Desire is strictly for Kubrick fans, and devoted ones at that. Tracking down a copy of this flick is harder to find then a corn hater in Iowa. My experience in viewing the movie was reduced to a computer on my lap with a lucky-it-was-all-there, but horrible in quality YouTube video playing on my lap. Much like his other second short film Killer's Kiss, Fear and Desire is a buried treasure that Kubrickophiles will feel rewarded to have seen. Grade: C+ Reviewed by Ben Pieper on August 20th 2011

Zachary R (au) wrote: One of the greatest comedy I've seen! Mel Brook's best!

Tim S (nl) wrote: So the Sleepaway Camp series continues with the third installment: Teenage Wasteland. Angela's back in camp under an assumed identity to mutilate more terrible teenagers. I love that this series has "camp" in the title because that's exactly what it is. Angela is just as bad as Freddy making bad puns after each kill. I haven't really cared for the series so far, but this is marginally more enjoyable than the rest. It's still campy as hell with weak death scenes but probably funnier than the first two.