Operation Spring

Operation Spring

"Operation Spring" is a documentary thriller about a police investigation and court proceedings against Africans suspected of belonging to a Nigerian drug ring. New laws were implemented and new methods of investigation were put to the test for the first time. The film poses the question of whether the defendants ever stood a chance of receiving a fair trial.

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bill s (ru) wrote: Murphy is terrific in the lead and while tame,the story is likeable and entertaining.

Jason R (kr) wrote: A unique and fascinating art film.

Tommy C (kr) wrote: Terrible, awful and a complete waste of a night in!

Rick B (mx) wrote: This documentary delves into the mind of futurist, Jacque Fresco. Not only does Fresco design tools, buildings, vehicles, ect. He has a clear vision of a brand new society. One that is highly efficient and works with our environment. By using less energy and utilizing resources to their full potential, we could create and maintain a better society for everybody. That is only a small part of his vision and it's a wonder why many of his ideas and designs have not been implemented.

Pinklama R (ag) wrote: Not as awesome as the poster and the title, but is always fun to watch a mobster girl kicking some ass.And no, I'm not gonna watch the sequels.

Moe E (kr) wrote: Only caught a few opening minutes of Picnic before I had to get ready for work and I liked what I've seen so far.

Allen G (de) wrote: Truly hilarious at times- Cage's performance is so out there that other members of the cast actually petitioned to have him removed from the film. Thankfully, they failed because he got this one just right- his character is very entertaining but convincing too. Even though you can't believe you are doing it- you really are connecting with him. You connect with everyone in this one really and that's very important with a teen comedy drama like this. The story is pretty typical but it's done well- it doesn't feel like a rip-off, it's feels like it's the one being ripped-off and that's understandable because it's good!It's not perfect of course but there's so much there to make up for it. (personally, "you mean my wang" alone makes up for any flaw in this film)I was caught off-guard with this one's charm and how engrossed I was with it. Sadly, most other films going for a similar thing fail miserably. At least this one got it right.

Matthew H (ru) wrote: "Oliver!" stays true to the novel by Dickens, and the magic of it is undeniable. Every character and every song will stay with you for years to come.

Dave A (ca) wrote: No, Ben Stiller's Reuben and Jennifer Aniston's Polly do not have any chemistry. That's the point. How can this odd couple become a match? This is what would happen if Ben Stiller's character in There's Something About Mary broke up with Mary. Or dumped after Meet The Parents series. He would end up with Polly. Ben Stiller is great as the hapless everyman who tries so hard. Yeah, the comedy is crude and lowbrow. Yes, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Hank Azaria and Alec Baldwin are both lowbrow and they steal the scenes their in. This may not deliver big laughs, but it is chuckle-worthy. The raison d'etre is Reuben's father, summing everything up with: yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, br in the moment.

Alec B (br) wrote: By the time the movie gets to the Olympics, it unfortunately jettisons the complex motivations of the characters in favor of a more inspirational narrative. It's not all bad, but this could have been so much more.

Johnny N (nl) wrote: Didn't know Jessica could dance.