Oral Fixation

Oral Fixation

A woman's obsession with her dentist drives her to masochism, madness and murder.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Fatal Attraction between a dentist and his patient . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michle N (mx) wrote: beautifully told with deeper meaning of non fear over fear ... compassion over hatred....amazing special effects. costums and scenery

james t (ru) wrote: looks like another comedy as if we dont have enough, who ever said ,(they cant find knew ideas are full of p--p). im sure it worth seeing once people got money to blow thanks to the democrats.

Steve S (nl) wrote: Meryl Streep is deliciously ruthless and mesmerisingly effective in this fun and perceptive look at the New York City fashion industry. Anne Hathaway carries her own as well.

scott g (de) wrote: a young chiness woman starts work at a diner, where a very shy young man works the dishes, here we see the two charactors, going about there work days, the guy having some spark with the girl, but shyness overcoming him, and all the while, work problems coming up, nicely handled indie drama, setin queens newyork, looking realstic, a nice story and all charactors adding something

Paul O (es) wrote: So bad it's laughable.

Paul P (us) wrote: Not even the subtle greatness that is John Turturro can save this. It starts off kinda creepy and it doesn't give any answers but i was right there with it. But its one of those movie where so little happens and even when they do its so dull and uninteresting that that you don't care. Now that might be what Refn and Selby Jr were going for but it makes for a terrible movie experience.

Moni K (es) wrote: A good idea for a movie but too many bad scenes.

Stephen M (ag) wrote: It doesn't bear a FULL resemblence to the play upon which it is based (like...the leading man is, suddenly, a Frenchman with an accent so thick that Lerner's lyrics a tad difficult to catch); nevertheless it is actually a good film - quite fun to watch. Without stepping too far away from her kooky Brooklyn background, without actually having to prove that she can play a character that isn't herself, Barbra Streisand entertains with really impeccable comic timing and moments of quiet loveliness (especially with facial expression that proves that she listens to her fellow actors). She manages to drum up a pretty entertaining and kind of believable English accent and she looks STUNNING in all the costumes - from the period pieces to the 70's mod. She sings the heck out of these songs and really takes the audience on a very fun ride. I wouldn't call it the best movie made, or even the best movie SHE made - and yet it is fun to watch on a Saturday afternoon when you don't want to do any housework and need to escape it all.

Jack L (es) wrote: Richard Attenborough stars in this 1947 film adapted from Graham Greene's novel Brighton Rock. Pinkie(Attenborough) is a 17 year old gangster who finds himself in charge of his mob after his boss is killed by rivals trying to run him out of Brighton. His mob is made up of three men: Spicer, Dallow and Cubitt. All the others have either been killed by the rivals,bribed or driven out of town. Pinkie decides to murder a man named Hale who he suspects had something to do with his bosses death. Hale is killed but certain problems arise when a woman, named Ida Arnold, whom he was with before he died, starts investigating his death. To stop the truth coming out he decides to start courting the waitress he used as an alibi so she doesn't betray him. This waitress, whose name is Rose quickly falls in love with Pinkie but he only pretends to love her(and doesn't do a very good job) because in reality he despises all women, in fact he despises and mistrusts everyone. Ida Arnold gets closer to the truth so Pinkie decides to kill Rose, he pretends to have a suicide pact with her but has no intention of killing himself after she is dead, but the police arrive in time to save her and Pinkie falls to his death off Brighton Pier. The synopsis given above covers only the basic plot for in truth there is so many different aspects and layers to this film that it would take hours to outline them all. The acting is brilliant but it's Richard Attenborough who steals the show as Pinkie the 17 year old boss, his performance is superbly chilling. The plot is very much like the book except for the end but ,seeing as Graham Greene adapted the screenplay himself, it is still good. The direction is great and the shots of Brighton in particular are interesting. The soundtrack adds to the dark and hostile atmosphere already created by the directing style. This is one of the best British Gangster films ever ,I particularly liked the fact that they all carried razor blades for weapons seeing as they could not be arrested for possessing them if searched by the police, but it is also so much more. The language used is old fashioned but very authentic. The characters are all very real, Rose is very touching as the timid ,but forceful when it comes to love, mousy and ignored waitress who comes to life as soon as a boy shows any interest in her. Pinkie is a very hard,cruel young man who obviously has never been loved by anyone and has led a very hard life. So he has put up a faade of contempt which very nearly breaks under Rose's admiration and love. He is also a young man among veterans and it is clear that he feels the need to assert his leadership at every opportunity. Overall this makes a very bleak and sombre film filled with catholic problems and issues (Graham Greene was a strong Catholic) but is very entertaining and counts among my favourite British films or even maybe my favourite films of all time. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to see an old British film or who is a fan of Graham Greene or Richard Attenborough. Cinematography 9/10 Soundtrack 8/10 Acting 10/10 Plot 10/10 Screenplay 10/10

Frank D (kr) wrote: This is one of my favorite Romcoms to date. Will Smith and Kevin James both performed splendidly.

Jason B (de) wrote: This movie is HORRIBLE!

Mohammed A (de) wrote: It's good movie to watch

ToyahKate M (mx) wrote: Very boring not even scary.