How do we understand faith and prayer, and what of miracles? August 1925 on a Danish farm. Patriarch Borgan has three sons: Mikkel, a good-hearted agnostic whose wife Inger is pregnant, Johannes, who believes he is Jesus, and Anders, young, slight, in love with the tailor's daughter. The fundamentalist sect of the girl's father is anathema to Borgan's traditional Lutheranism; he opposes the marriage until the tailor forbids it, then Borgan's pride demands that it happen. Unexpectedly, Inger, who is the family's sweetness and light, has problems with her pregnancy. The rational doctor arrives, and a long night brings sharp focus to at least four views of faith.

How do we understand faith and prayer, and what of miracles? August 1925 on a Danish farm. Patriarch Borgen has three sons: Mikkel, a good-hearted agnostic whose wife Inger is pregnant, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua B (kr) wrote: Love this movie, It shows the truth about a wildly abused term "Hacking" and a wildly misrepresented group "Anonymous".

Martin K (br) wrote: A la question "que produit Bruce LaBruce quand on lui donne, enfin, de l'argent?", Otto; or up with dead people rpond "un putain de bon film". Toujours aussi iconoclaste, LaBruce continue de se faire plaisir avec, je l'affirme, gnie.Otto... est un film schizophrne o les dlires s'emmlent avec un naturel dconcertant au milieu d'un certain chaos de gratuit jubilatoire. A son habituelle alchimie de joyeux mlange des genres les plus improbables et de flinguage de l'avant garde, LaBruce ajoute un touche dramatique que l'on n'attendait pas trop et qui fonctionnerait parfaitement bien si la nature intrinsquement fouillie et farfelue de ses films n'en diminuait pas la porte force de cassures rythmiques rcurrentes (et inhrentes son style).Visuellement, LaBruce profite avec efficacit de ses nouveaux moyens et montre que,'au del de son caractre d'OVNI chapp de l'underground gay, il possde une vritable vision esthtique.Un film qui n'est bien sr pas pour tout le monde mais "un putain de bon film" quand mme.

Inked D (jp) wrote: Some unexpected moments, which make it a good horror flick. Once I started watching it, I didn't really want to stop.

Kyler C (jp) wrote: Erotic to a fault and boasting a truly terrible performance by Bijou Phillips, Havoc makes it impossible to take Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon-Levitt seriously even seven years later.

Tommy C (kr) wrote: haven't seen it but looks good

Daniel M (ag) wrote: Often, the exploitation of the sexual themes in this film opaque the artistic and insightful composition of the rest of the movie. Even so, it is refreshing to watch a film that sports a voracious desire to shine.

divya s (it) wrote: awesome movie loved it alot

Sanja P (mx) wrote: I stayed alone with my thoughts after this 'the end' wondering about a lot of things...

The S (kr) wrote: Hard to find Sci-Fi film which, while sometimes showing its budget credentials, earns points for originality and a decent story - acceptable performances too.

Apostolos M (ru) wrote: The British Empire owed a lot to opportunistic soldiers of fortune as well as explorers: men who risked their lives (and the lives of others) for profit, fame and the recognition from their peers for their accomplishments. In the last category one could think of men like Livingstone, Stanley, Scott and Burton. Captain Richard Francis Burton (whose life we follow in this film) risked a lot for the shake of discovery (to find the source of the Nile) but at the same time he was also a man with a genuine interest and outmost respect for the indigenous peoples and cultures found deep in Africa.In the film we see Burton joining forces with a young and ambitious Lieutenant (Lt. Speke) to travel again to his beloved Africa to locate the source of Nile with an expedition funded by the Royal Geographical Society. The film is an account of this trip but shows also events before and after this. Watching this movie we can grasp the differences between the two men, their strong ties and friendship during their common effort in the expedition and also later how each one coped with their success at home (London).The Mountains of the Moon is a fascinating film. It tells a great story without romanticizing the situations during and after the trip to Africa. Burton, Speke and their comrades endured too much to find the source of Nile, and all of them for their own reasons. The novel by William Harrison (that this movie is based on) does not fall into the trap of trying to imitate Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness' but gives us a different perspective altogether. Do not miss this film.

Brad G (ag) wrote: True Confessions is a Chinatown-lite neo noir loosely based around the famous unsolved "Black Dahlia" murder case that shocked late 40s Los Angeles. Robert Duvall's morally compromised police detective navigates both police and church corruption to reach the heart of the mystery--which might have connections to younger brother Robert DeNiro's power hungry priest. The mystery and setting are engaging, but as the plot slowly putters along the resolution becomes less and less of a concern. No real shocks or powerful revelations. VF.

Miran N (au) wrote: I've seen this movie for i think more then 20 times..the first time i saw this movie i was 14 years old..it impress me and by seen this movie i have stay away so far from heroin !!! Im glad i never used that shit!!! this movie is really really good,i also used this movie for some projects on school. I;ve also read the book of christiane f, but i defenitly prefer the movie. How realistic u see in this movie how this girl get into a world of drugs&prostitution ive never seen this in a movie again!

Augustine H (ca) wrote: Antoine Doinel's love story may look plain, but isn't that the case for most of us?

Ian M (it) wrote: A flimsy plot that they try and carry through with some decent effects. There are some great actors in this from Idris Elba to Anthony Head, but this is for the most part a steaming turd of a movie! I hate Nic Cage because Pinocchio gives less wooden performances... But I quite enjoyed the first one. This is overkill & not in the fun way it should be.

Joe A (kr) wrote: The same cookie cutter co-eds (pretty geek girl, obnoxious jock, tough black dude who speaks perfect ghetto, etc.) are thrown in with the same slasher movie cliches in this Friday the 13th wannabe. Did the filmakers have a sense of accomplishment while watching the finished cut of this derivative drek?

Joshua D (es) wrote: Excellent! If you like Remember the Titans or Coach Carter, you will love this movie!

Robert J (au) wrote: Very good indie movie all around. Michael Shannon is great as the sleezy real estate mogul.