Ordinary Magic

Ordinary Magic

When his father dies, Jeffrey is sent to live with his aunt Charlotte in Canada. Once there he leads his aunt and his friends in staging, a non-violent hunger strike to try to save his aunt's house from being demolished to make room for a ski resort.

When his father dies, Jeffrey (Ryan Reynolds),is sent to live with his aunt Charlotte (Glenne Headly)in Canada. Once there he leads his aunt and his friends in staging, a non-violent hunger... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gavin P (ag) wrote: This is not the final part of the Donnie Yen/Wilson Yip 'Ip Man' films, but rather a re-telling of Master Yip's life. Anthony Wong is fine as Ip Man, but not as charming as Yen, and the support cast is fine. The major issue is it's too focused on his personal life and the romance/drama - to the detriment of the actual kung fu/Wing Chun! Definitely needed more fight scenes and action. OK, just not great.

Greg S (es) wrote: Although I did laugh a few times throughout the flick, it was pretty bad..

Wesley B (us) wrote: Hackneyed presentation, hamfisted cliches, out-of-touch presentation of internet habits... This is propaganda. Bad propaganda.I'll give it some points for being somewhat decent from a technical presentation (shot composition, lighting, editing) but everything else is just... Bad.

Kisaan T (ag) wrote: Many new Bollywood directors and writers it seems, have invented a new mantra for letting the critics' and movie buffs like their film, particularly such drama/suspense/thriller films. The mantra is a mixture of 4 substances. Number one is you hire an experimental Music composer like Amit Trivedi and tell him to compose a fast-hi hitting soundtrack that includes the name of the city (here Delhi) in which the movie is made. Second substances is that you give the Actors a 3 to 4 lines of quick-tongued dialogues (which also inlcudes "Gaali", and pity our filmmakers have to use them). Third substance is to put in occasional sequences of humor to the tensed looking (although not more tensed) situation of the movie. And the final substance is you make one or two trailers in which the Fast Soundtrack (here Dilly...Dilly...song) composed for the film keeps on playing and the those quick-tongued dialogues that where spoken by the actors are put to attention in the trailer. Then the trick is made. Most of the (no so cunning audiences and also not the audiences who like only dance and songs) would come running in to the theater and such movie (like this) gains a reputation of mild hits. Talking now about this film itself it seems Rajkumar Gupta has picked a sensational Issue and turned it into a masala recipe (which Bollywood have been doing from decades). Thanks Rajkumar neglected the use of Item-song in the film, otherwise any other director for this film might have added an Item-song also to the film (he would then also answer the media happily ). But Rajkumar Gupta's lack of Item-Song is the only blessing (or a relief) you can get while watching this film. And as it includes a Duo of two high-famed actresses everything around them two seems like shrinking down. While watching the movie all I can make up the most is that these two actresses are shouting sometimes, one is crying, another is shown making out with someone, then enjoying a cigarette. etc...etc...This cannot be called a Performance. A Performance doesn't means that you play with the same mask on your face throughout the whole act. Rather it is still good if you keep it on the mask and represent a variety of gestures and expressions (but justifies them to the audience). And what disappointed me the most about this film (apart from the commercialization of the Jessica Lal Issue) is that throughout the whole film who represent it in front of the audience like it is a piece out from Cannes or Oscars (though not nearly even touching like it), and during the climax (ending scene from the cemetery) you get the feel of the ending scene (cemetery scene) from SpiderMan. How to like or recommend such a movie? I advice anyone (if not everyone) skip this film, and instead watch the news channels' coverings of Jessica Lal Case from Youtube, I promise you'll feel more sympathy and a lump in throat, then by watching this film.

August C (nl) wrote: a thematically skewered script drags down this power house of all stars.

Yolandie G (gb) wrote: good acting, who knew rose could be such a little psychopath?but not the best example of the genre...

Mike B (br) wrote: This dud is all over the place, and very quickly failed to hold my attention. The "Z" in the title should have been a clue, as well as the presence of Moore. Hugh Grant is so much better than this tripe. Unfunny throughout.

Torion O (it) wrote: Good. Had potential to be better, but good.

Tasos L (gb) wrote: One of Argento's best and of course personal favorite! When murder becomes an art...

oq (au) wrote: My favorite movie of ALL time. I love james cagney he's my #1! Cagney does an amazing job portraying Chaney and the costume make up is amazingly amazing

Artur C (fr) wrote: Lang goes Hitchcock.

Randy P (kr) wrote: Brave performances are more then enough to carry a thin script. This original is a cult classic in the genre of crime.