Ordinary Sinner

Ordinary Sinner

Three friends encounter violence and bigotry in a small college town.

Three friends encounter violence and bigotry in a small college town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gustavo T (nl) wrote: This is the first in a list I'd like to call: "movies that make me wonder what I would look like if I were a douche" (And unfortunately this one makes me think it would be enjoyable to a certain degree.) If you like Jason Schwartzman, then you know what you're getting from this. If you don't, then why are you even reading this?

Travis S (it) wrote: Highly intense story-line. Complex, different, but still struggles to make everything come together.

Ronnie S (fr) wrote: Sikke da noget lort, men om ikk andet var der da en del klamme scener i, hvor en mand bl.a. fr skret en t af og skal de den ... LOVE IT! Men som film var den ikk andet end et epic fail. Derudover foregik hele filmen i et rum faktisk. Sdanne film skal fnge mig MEGET for at virke, og det gjorde det her lort ihvertfald ikke lol

Tim M (mx) wrote: Another worthwhile addition to the Coen Brothers stable, albeit a little shorter than most. This one left me wanting more. Individually, the characters seem mad, but then when you start thinking about them you probably know a couple people exactly like them. The bumbling boss, the boss in love with his employee, the guy who is a sex addict, the woman who thinks she isn't hot anymore, the dumb guy who is pretty much happy with everything, and a few more. The characters make sense and the actors playing them make this a delight.

Marta K (de) wrote: Brilliant drama about... determination, fighting obstacles and self-respect.

Danny R (de) wrote: A truly engaging comedy of modern manners. a love trangle, with two brilliant lead star performances by Burt Reynolds and the late Jill Clayburgh. Reynolds in one his finest performances as Phil Potter, a newly divorced man struggling to choose between a teacher Marilyn Holmberg, played so endearingly by Jill Clayburgh in a Oscar nominated performance, and his capricious, song writing ex-wife Jessica Potter, played by scene stealer Candice Bergen, who is marvelously funny, especially when she is singing to Burt with a voice that could wake the dead, her comedic talents are very evident here, there are other marvelous scenes like the church-sponsored divorced men's discussion group that Burt's a part of, it is hilarious with sharp witty dialogue. Terrific supporting performances from Charles Durning, Frances Sternhagen, Austin Pendleton, and Jay O. Sanders. A smart, warm romantic gem from the late 70s, smoothly directed by Alan Pakula, and wonderfully written by James L. Brooks. Highly Recommended.

aiden t (kr) wrote: Outright hilarious. The first Allen film to produce genuine belly laughs.

Paul D (au) wrote: The film is as misdirected as the titles geographical error. The adventure tale has no kick to it.

Panos Y (ag) wrote: 6/10 A bit over-the-top sugar-coated propaganda film about the good that there is in every cop... hmm... It is engaging though albeit too naive.

Pankaj P (nl) wrote: slow paced movie. was waiting that at least something exciting would happen. it never came. the climax had nothing to do with protagonist. wonder why was the movie even made?

Elia O (kr) wrote: This movie was lovely. Heartbreaking. Surprisingly poignant and devastating, carrying the message that your actions have consequences without becoming preachy.