Ördög vigye

Ördög vigye


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Larry C (it) wrote: WHY would anyone want to see a movie with Ben Stiller ? the other characters help but can not over come horrible awful Ben Stiller.

Mike C (kr) wrote: passable movie with some poor casting choices.

Aslhan E (fr) wrote: i liked the movie =D SRK was so great and good just as well. I loved the scenes where SRK is blind, especially the scenes where SRK is dethering with a cup of tea in his hand :D i loved that noise ..heheh but didnt like the last scene taken from a hollywood movie... huh

Joshua G (it) wrote: This documentary on violent horror and thriller films really does nothing but showcase scenes from those films we all saw. Although Donald Pleasence makes an appearance, it's a poor excuse for a study.

Ara K (it) wrote: Just watched it today! Such an underrted movie. Realy a gem. Great directing and great acting. Reccomend it.

Diogo S (us) wrote: As partes mais ntimas do filme eram perfeitamente escusadas, num filme que poderia facilmente ter ido muito mais longe mas torna-se melanclico e sem interesse com o passar do tempo.

Ferdie Rene F (es) wrote: Gave me a headache but definity blew my mind. I so much loved the mind trip!!!