Orfeu is a popular composer from a samba school. He lives in the favela and falls madly in love when he meets Euridice, a newcomer to the neighborhood. But the local drug boss Lucinho stands between them and will drastically change both their lives.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   moon,   star,  

In a dangerous but human Rio's slum, rises the love affair betwen Orfeu and Eurídice, provoking jealousy and violence in times of carnival. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian B (jp) wrote: Only because there was no selection for no star..this movie is totally terrible...don't waste your time even entertaining the idea of watching such junk!!

Timothy O (gb) wrote: Cameron Crowe is responsible for directing one of my favorite movies, Almost Famous. With this rockumentary about Pearl Jam, he is able to capture the essence of a living, breathing rock and roll band, and in doing so, it is a somewhat return to form for him, and his rock journalism background. Mixing an extensive amount of archived footage from the band over the past twenty years, as well as old and new interviews, he weaves together a story that is as much informative as it is captivating. It's interesting to watch various members from the Seattle music scene in the early 90's discuss the evolution of Eddie Vedder, from a shy backup vocalist and bass player, to a full fledged, enigmatic frontman. It's a terrific expose of a band who has influenced hundreds of bands since, and continues to make and distribute music on their own terms.

Shaeda M (nl) wrote: Kind of the hndi version of the exorcist.... not bad, not good either...

Lansden S (nl) wrote: Crappy screenplay along with teribble acting make this a 1 star

Trevor L (br) wrote: solid monster movie told from the view of ordinary people. If found footage is your pet peeve then this movie will bother you until no end. Personally the found footage was an interesting take on the story and I really enjoyed watching it.

Justin M (nl) wrote: A great documentary that does a great job of showing the real Pac. I don't anything this guy did in the spotlight was irrational. Hes a very smart man who had to deal with a lot of less intelligent folks. But as they say, perception is everything. This is a good watch for fans and non fans alike!

Detroit Psychobilly QueenSB (ag) wrote: By far the funniest undergrounf/unknown/unseen movie of all time. "Dumb! I ain't dumb, You're dumb!"

Michael A (ag) wrote: A Telephone repairwoman/Aerobics Instructor becomes possessed by the soul of a vengeful Ninja who then uses her body to take out the group of cops who murdered him. Sure the plot is completly ridiculous and the acting atrocious, but anyone who is a fan of 80's "Ninja" films will have a lot of fun with these great cheesy flick.

Hector J (ru) wrote: One of the easiest metaphors in the movie is the end, where after Olmo proclaims to the people that the landowner is death, Alfredo tells him the opposite, and they start fight again, because always in the history, when the rebellion thought the oppressor was shot down this was wrong, just partial, or made a new kind of oppressor rise, like in the feudal times, when there was a worldwide revolution that shot down the lords just to put the burghers on the top. This exemplified the continuous class struggle better than nothing else.

Stephen C (gb) wrote: If your Robert Altman how do you follow the success of MASH ?Well you make a film so totally off the wall ,its on the floor by the wall and this film is one heck of a movie.Altman takes the story of Brewster McCloud a boy who yearns to fly and grafts on references to the Wizard of Oz ,Bullit and god knows what else.This is Altman at his freewheeling best and of course the cast is great as always ,Bud Cort who would latter star in the equally odd Harold and Maude is perfect as Brewster, Sally Kellerman plays Brewsters fairy Godmother and Michael Murphy gets to Channel Steve McQueen as San Fran cop Frank Shaft.The plot also includes a series of bizzare murders where the only clue is bird droppings and a mad college Professor forgetting the first lines of the film and slowly turning into a bird and Stacey Keach made up to look like a 100 year old man as Brewsters boss.Add to that the credits re starting when a choir go out of key and all the cast turning up as Circus performers at the end and its now wonder the studio were totally baffled.A film as mad as this would never get made in todays money driven climate and it proves once again just how good a director Altman was when he was on top form .

The Critic (nl) wrote: Imperfect Laurel and Hardy feature (their first) which sags a little in the middle when the pair are on the run and in disguise as black cotton pickers. But there's enough effective gags here to see the piece through, and the boys do this sort of humour better than anybody else.

William C (mx) wrote: This is the grand daddy of all American crime films. Anyone who loves the genre has to see this (as well as Cagney's "Public Enemy"). From this one, you can see the pedigree for anything from "The Godfather" to "Scarface" to "Goodfellas." It also contains one of the best and most famous closing lines of dialogue ever.

Ken M (ag) wrote: It's not just a good, well-written comedy movie; it has great characters, as well as an engaging storyline that prevents the drama from ever being boring.

Simon P (ag) wrote: Excellent film about the controversial experiments of Stanley Milgram. Must say that I fully approve of both the experiments and film (and of the increasingly lovely Winona Ryder). Fascinating stuff!