Orgies and the Meaning of Life

Orgies and the Meaning of Life

Baxter Goode is a man trying to find an ending to his book about a sex obsessed stick figure searching for a portal to the three dimensional world, as his father, a best selling Christian author, tries to stop him. His life is further complicated by his search for the one woman who will liberate him from his long addiction to orgy fantasies.

ORGIES AND THE MEANING OF LIFE is an eccentric and exciting film illuminating the inner and outer life of Baxter Goode, a man trying to find an ending to his book (about a sex obsessed ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amit A (ag) wrote: Dollar, Dinar ya Pound....Gaddi Paise se Challe!!!A recession flavor film like Up in the Air , without revealing much details, shows how a 'sick asset' can be sold for good money in Indian context ;) Awesome characters.....Affable watch

Skip D (fr) wrote: this is one of his better ones action chop them up

Losang S (ag) wrote: I only liked the first one.

Pete S (au) wrote: Engaging and pretty funny. Affleck is really good in this film.

Muffin M (es) wrote: Tim (Mel Gibson) was a gorgeous young man with a child's mind. Mary Horton (Piper Laurie) was a middle-aged spinster. Together they were outcasts in an unbending world - and then they meet and a forbidden love blossomed.Mary Horton gazed at Tim. Had he lived two thousand years ago, he might have served as a model for the greatest Apollo of all time: instead he stood in front of her with total nonchalance. Tim's presence, and the special love they share, would alter both of their lives forever. Adapted from the novel by Colleen McCullogh, best-selling author of "Thorn Birds" and the Roman trilogy "First Man in Rome", "Grass Crown" and "Fortunes Favourites". also stars Alwyn Kurts, Pat Evison, David Foster, Margo Lee, James Gordon, Peter Gwynne and Deborah Kennedy. directed by Michael Pate.

Joshua B (gb) wrote: This was the first movie I saw at the Alamo Drafthouse for Terror Thursdays. It's pretty cheesy, but that's its charm. The graphics are what you'd expect from the '60s.

Dave J (kr) wrote: Friday, November 8, 2013(1957) Nights Of Cabiria(In Italian with English subtitles)DRAMA A sincere prostitute who longs for a normal life continues to get dragged down under only to get back up again. This film is one of Fellini's masterpieces which can be easily identified with all people whether or not they're not a prostitute or not since it centers on being in a world where they're really disgusting and heartless people who continue to bring well intentioned people down, only that they're always some hope to be found. Although, I 've seen this movie a long time ago, I'm going to have to watch this movie again for it's general optimistic message.4 out of 4 stars

Memmy B (au) wrote: Just a classic star packed musical xo

Amanda W (jp) wrote: I'm supposed to like this movie but I don't care.

Ashton B (ru) wrote: I'm 8 but I like it and I'm not scared