Oridathoru Postman

Oridathoru Postman

Oridathoru Postman movie narrates a village based humorous story about the instances in the life of a lazy postman and the relation with a father and son.

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Oridathoru Postman torrent reviews

Linda B (es) wrote: Scnario classique mais a marche bien

Ramnrishi W (ru) wrote: Nice effort by mr. Deo, modern mirZa, transformation in punjabi cinematography, acting is below average for gippy, honey Singh rocks,watched bennu DHILLON intense for the first time not a waste of time, worth watching

Nfs R (us) wrote: Lmao! Entertaining! Specially the last dance!

Jerome Y (fr) wrote: Not sure how much facts were used for this movie but I liked the way it personalize the character of Guan. Of course, Donnie's great kung fu skills made the fighting scenes lovely to watch!. :-)

Aaron B (au) wrote: This is probably the stupidest film ever. Scott Prendergast makes the stupidest films (and short films, see The Delicious) ever. But I love them. And I love this. It's a flawed masterpiece.

Psypher P (mx) wrote: It's hard not to start a review by mentioning that James Marsters and Jolene Blalock wander around in their underwear for the first ten minutes of this film...so I did. Once the fanboy glow is over the film ponderously sets on its way, desperately trying to conjure atmosphere an menace on an obviously tight budget. To its credit it almost succeeds in working up a degree of tension and some interesting deaths courtesy of our beastie. However, this is a low-budget affair and despite the best efforts of Todd and Marsters there's nothing they can really do with the script (especially as Blalock still seems to be in Vulcan mode).

Kristy P (mx) wrote: I expected better. Kimberly Elise was phenomenal in this role, but everything else about it just kinda looked fake.

Patrick W (it) wrote: So let's start with the good: Bryan Singer's tribute to Richard Donner film takes place in a continuity that does not acknowledge that Superman III or IV happened, John Williams's original score is used, Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, modern CGI. Yep, that's it. Kate Bosworth was horrible as Lois Lane and Lex Luthor's motive was again as a land obsessed real estate lover rather than a true criminal mastermind trying to piece together something to destroy Superman. Routh was obviously cast due to this resemblance to Christopher Reeve in both looks and the sound of his voice. The script pretty much turns Superman into a creepy stalker as he watches Lois from outside her window. Of course the worst part of the movie was Lois's son for reasons that you'll see if you decide to watch this. It is not surprising that the franchise did not produce another film with this cast or director despite making a hefty sum at the box office.

Tony R (jp) wrote: great movie..Rourke..Shakur..put it down!!!

Joel R (br) wrote: Pam Grier at her kickass best. This fun, violent and raunchy film is worth watching for the hooker buffet foodfight alone.

Francisco M (es) wrote: loved it when i was a kid

Zurino O (es) wrote: pitch perfect. del toro is masterful.