Orion's Belt

Orion's Belt

Live to tell the truth. What can one man do against the most lethal army on earth? Local fishermen/smugglers/tourist guides Tom, Lars and Sverre discover the Soviet Union aren't just mining for coal in the arctic archipelago of Svalbard. This is a secret too big for any of them, and soon they find themselves hunted down by soviet forces and secret agents.

A group of seamen from Norway find a Soviet listening station. The they become targets for both America and Russia. Another cold war takes place. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wariyawan O (br) wrote: john wick is the man you send to kill the boogeyman.

Zach S (ru) wrote: Beyond Outrage is a continuation of the violent drama surrounding the events of Outrage. 5 years later, Otomo and an unlikely partner resurface after rumors of his death in prison. To the chagrin of Otomo's former executive, Ishikara, Otomo proves to be a difficult man to find. All the while politicking within two yakuza clans turn into a beyond outrageous bloodbath.My thoughts? Slower paced then the first, but I was still on the edge of my seat as the tension mounted. If you enjoyed Outrage, definitely see Beyond Outrage (at least a couple times!)

Jack G (kr) wrote: disappointing. The script needed more work; if you have a movie that sends up Shaekespeare and horror, and maybe even Tom Stoppard to a degree, you gotta go all out. Instead, this is just a limp noodle, with an unsympathetic lead played dully by Jake Hoffman, and with an underused Jeremy Sisto as a detective. Also, someone needs to tell John Ventimiglia that Robert Downey Jr called and that he wants his acting back.

mu s (jp) wrote: i had to learn about that side of life

Levonne P (nl) wrote: There is great action and suspenxe in this movie, not to mention a twosome of actors, that fit together like hands in gloves. Connery and Zeta-Jones, are fabulous. Got to see it!

Bubba M (fr) wrote: This was an enjoyible family movie.

Jason 123 D (ag) wrote: Vibrant use of colors, framing, background, and politics influence how we as an audience feels about every character in the film before we even get to know them. This amount of control over the audience is a drastic and well-accomplished feat that modern directors struggle with from project to project.

Stuart B (ru) wrote: Having found the another Bogdanovich movie, The Last Picture Show, a little underwhelming, I can't say I had high expectations for this movie. But man, this was a surprise. The premise follows two men: one played by Boris Karloff as an aging horror actor who has, in the face of all the real life violence being committed in modern day USA, become disillusioned with his profession and his ability to scare. On the other hand, you have a young Vietnam veteran who displays all the manners of a polite and hardworking man, but what lies beneath the surface is an angry, paranoid psychotic just waiting to burst. What ensues is a bloody sniper attack as the young man vents out his anger and frustrations with his life on innocent victims, and when the two men meet at a drive-in movie, it sets up a fascinating climax. The movie is a brilliant look at modern day culture, and offsetting what we have traditionally seen as horrific (Karloff's characters) with the reality of what can happen to ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. When Karloff finds the young man, and he proclaims, "This is who I've been afraid of?" it only goes further to emphasise how normal people can become seen as monsters due to their actions. It truly is a wonderfully suspenseful movie, action packed with some great dialogue, and Karloff is in his element. Some of the scenes, such as the initial killing in the young man's house, is beautifully shot, with tracking shots following his movements as he carries out his actions in such a nonchalant manner, while the climactic confrontation at the end is breath taking. It really is a stunning indictment of modern day culture while at the same time a very nice homage to Karloff and his works.

Panayiota K (au) wrote: Not the funniest comedy but really charming. Especially Jack Lemmon and his face expressions! Also i'm all for taking down sleazy men.

Brandy T (gb) wrote: I rented this in my attempt to get some good beach movies for summer. I could have definately lived without this one! It did have some great beach shots. I just couldn't get into the story at all. It was just too "dirty old man"-ish for me.

Michael M (nl) wrote: Yes I did sleep through 2/3 of this snooze fest, but I still bet I'd knot want to watch it again. That HBO documentary from the '90s was way more interesting.

Gabriel C (gb) wrote: With amateurish acting and repetitive themes too often seen in films of this genre, God's Not Dead will appeal to very few outside of its target audience.

Adrian B (au) wrote: Sad film in which a couple (Irene Dunne and Cary Grant) meet, marry, and decide to live in Japan. Dunne becomes impregnated and Grant is about to inherit a fortune from a deceased relative as well initiate a newspaper business, in which life for them seems good. However, that takes a brutal turn in which an earthquake occurs, severely injuring the wife and causing her to miscarriage. This puts the couple in a tragic situation, but soon after they decide to adopt. After several struggles, they finally obtain a young infant. They have their child for several years, until they lose it to an illness, which then ultimately threatens to destroy the couple's marriage. I would like to think a situation like this does not occur often, but director George Stevens does a pretty good job of chronicling a couple that are going through significant hardships. Both Grant and Dunne perform quite well. It is a little slow and overly depressing at times, but it overall, "Penny Serenade" works.

Mohammed A (ag) wrote: It's good movie to watch

laurie e (au) wrote: just odd, but it did have levon helm in it (we share the same birth date).