Oru Black & White Kudumbam

Oru Black & White Kudumbam


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Oru Black & White Kudumbam torrent reviews

Scott F (gb) wrote: WAY funnier than I thought it was going to be! Jason Bateman is SO talented.

Tim M (it) wrote: Longer than necessary. Kitano has really gotten into direction here, he wanted to top "Outrage" and he did, at least in terms of meetings. Men in suits talking and arguing make up the bulk of the film, but the brief jolts of gunplay make it worth watching. Especially the ending.

Nick C (mx) wrote: A strange film. A good one, but just...strange. Maybe it's Nicolas Cage's whispery "Seth..."

jon m (us) wrote: Cheesy typical 80's comedy but decent

Francisco S (kr) wrote: Funny, original and very well acted, Charlie's Angles bring to us a new story advisable for that people who likes smile.