Os Cafajestes

Os Cafajestes

This film captures the criminal behavior of two young Copacabana thugs (the "cafajestes"). The two plan a blackmail coup against a rich old man, using nude pictures of a lady on a deserted ...

This film captures the criminal behavior of two young Copacabana thugs (the "cafajestes"). The two plan a blackmail coup against a rich old man, using nude pictures of a lady on a deserted ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paris W (it) wrote: I haven't seen this movie yet but all my friends say it is an amazing movie If u don't see it u r a looser.

Justin S (mx) wrote: I wring my hands at the loss of such a talented performer as Phillip Seymour Hoffman, seemingly on the cusp of his full potential, as this was one of his most brilliant performances.

Abdulmalik A (es) wrote: law should punish people making this kind of film. De niro is a sinner for doing this one

Tori H (us) wrote: not so bad. Lei Hao is nice to look at. Jennifer Tilly is awkward. Why didn't Aaron Kwok age at all?

Peter K (mx) wrote: stop with these silly something v. synonym movies!

random c (ru) wrote: WON'T COOK, CAN EAT For me cooking represents drudgery and something of a wasted effort as its all forgotten and has to be repeated a few hours later! Having said that, films and programmes about cooking often capture my attention. although I watch with great interest, I pay no attention to the recipes involved and certainly have intention of recreating any of the dishes featured. very strange & something i truly fail to understand... If i had to make a meal of it, I'd choose: - a 'delicate' american pinot straight from the intoxicating 'Sideways' (2004) as aperitif, - a delectable italian appetiser from the mouthwatering 'Mostly Martha' (2001) - which was followed by the 'low fat' reproductions 'No Reservations' (2007) and 'Cheeni Kum' (2007), - a hearty main course courtesy of the flavourful 'Julie & Julia' (2009) and to top it all off, - a sinful desert thanks to the scrumptious 'Chocolat'(2000)! I feel well and truly stuffed now...

David C (de) wrote: great love story and good movie and also hard to find the DVD or is to high the cost

kierah c (ru) wrote: In the film pretty woman, the director makes this fairy tale story a reality movie, where it shows how you can come from a good background of having common sense but have to sometimes take risks just to go on a journey to find the real you. However, their love wasn't perfect it had that aggressive, goofy, and passionate touch just to make the movie feel so real. I would rate this movie a five star because i'm into romantic movies but the movie was well put together.

Leah F (gb) wrote: This movie was good.

jay n (gb) wrote: The worst! Dull, ineptly acted and dreary.

Sarah P (nl) wrote: I liked it but the little boy who played C.B. drove me nuts!!

Abhinay M (de) wrote: Brilliantly funny, witty and action-packed.

Paul L (ag) wrote: Before Pirates of Caribbean this movie had everything that Pirates does and doesn't. Pirates without the camp.

Vicky M (us) wrote: Dont like the end!!!

Matthew J (de) wrote: 'Theater of Blood' certainly duplicates some of the more competent ideas of the 'Dr. Phibes' series but it is much, much, much, much better. This brilliant film is colorful, wild, hilarious and sometimes creepy romp led by Vincent Price's delightful performance.

Carreh R (br) wrote: At first I did not like this movie. The 3 stars were saying things that were supposed to be meaningful and symbolic but which I wasn't getting and only saw as frivolous nonsense until I realized it was frivolous nonsense. They represent what freedom brings to the bourgeoisie: senseless nonsense. Juxtaposed against the assassination of Bobby Kennedy this film is brilliant.

Rob T (nl) wrote: Stale Christmas cheese...

julian l (gb) wrote: I enjoyed it , it is what it is , a chucky film ,,

Erik G (kr) wrote: The story is very basic; it's Forbidden Planet plus Invasion of the Body Snatchers. However, the presentation is what makes this a gem. The use of color and space is pure genius. Everything on the spaceship is black but with little bits such as the astronaut's helmets and lights on the panes that really pop. The dead alien craft they discover is alien and truly alien. (Why is there a tuning fork there?) This should also get credit for hinting at a fuller world of the future. For example, the technobabble at the beginning is not understandable at all, and the strange sickle-like object the humans set up at the graves is pretty interesting.