Teenage girl Osama cuts her hair and dresses like a boy to get a job and support her widowed mother and grandmother. When Osama is called by the Taliban to join school and military training she embarks on a terrifying and confusing journey as she tries to keep the Taliban from finding out her true identity.

The Taliban are ruling Afghanistan, they being a repressive regime especially for women, who, among other things, are not allowed to work. This situation is especially difficult for one ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Osama torrent reviews

Jonan G (us) wrote: 5 stars for Jacky Chan. -1 star for Knoxville, -1 star for Adele singalong, -1 star for "oh my partner is still alive" plot twist, -1 star for the entire damn movie.

Gareth D (es) wrote: Funny, sad, rambly, introspective. A look at a weirdo and how uncomfortable and awkward falling in love can be.

Guido S (jp) wrote: In basically a weird combination of The Descent and The Happening in the Yucatan jungle. They get stuck on an ancient ruin and find the shrubbery to be alive and coming after them. The locals are there to scare them and keep them there since they know what is going on. This just wasn't that interesting to me or that scary. It wasn't good in The Happening and it still isn't a good idea now. Killer plants don't work in most cases.

Ri A (au) wrote: I love this movie as it is a complete masala movie but as it's prequel is a hollywood copy so I am 100% sure that it would be another copy.

Beth B (ag) wrote: Disappointing......thought there would be more of Dave's stand-up, but instead lots of rap and hip hop.

X T (us) wrote: One of the greatest films of this decade.

Katrina W (de) wrote: Sad and scattered all over - when you realise whats going on you think that its going to be really clever but instead it explains some things previously occurring but we got lost in the rest. It was sad, lots of bad language and drug use/party scenes. Not really worth watching at all.

Huw G (es) wrote: Slightly misogynistic, very obsessive. Not at all erotic.

Miriam M (es) wrote: So vintage. It satisfied my childhood curiosity about Catholics. Although I'm pretty sure that's not what the movie was about.

Joshua (de) wrote: For as old as this movie is it was pretty entertaining.

Gina W (ru) wrote: Watched this movie again. I had forgotten what a great movie this was and enjoyed Cameron Crowe's adventures as a teenage rock journalist. Sometimes its fun to look at the older movies again (2000).

Steve S (mx) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***