This film originated as a play in Paris. The story focuses on the one-day adventures of Bertrand Barnier played with a genius of French cinema, Louis de Funes. In the same morning he learns that his daughter is pregnant, an employee stole a large amount of money from his company, his maid is about to resign in order to marry a wealthy neighbor and his body builder is interested in marrying his daughter. The seemingly complicated story-line is full of comedy or errors and some of the most hilarious mime scenes of the French cinema.

Neurotic businessman must find the right man for his pregnant daughter. In fact, it is little bit complicated. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harold S (mx) wrote: Went into this with high expectations and was disappointed at how dull it was. Pretty much no resolution either. Excellent acting from the cast though.

Rhonda W (us) wrote: Not as good as the first one!

Tanner B (es) wrote: Targets (1968) C-90m. ??? 1/2 D: Peter Bogdanovich. Boris Karloff, Tim O'Kelly, Arthur Peterson, Peter Bogdanovich, Stafford Morgan. Frightening, strikingly original film about depressed, retired horror actor Karloff who feels movies can't match the horrors of real life; O'Kelly proves it by shooting everyone in sight. Chilling, supremely made, fine performances, and a perfect role for old-timer Karloff. Drive-in massacre finale will drive you right up the wall. A most impressive debut feature for Bogdanovich.

Jameson L (gb) wrote: As haunting and strange as this film is, the fact that it is both a time capsule from the paranoid past and insanely poignant now. 'The Man with the X-Ray Eye's' Ray Milland plays the role of the ultimate father figure attempting to uphold his ever-changing morality as the world falls apart around them. And by the world, I mean the countryside of California. I shudder to think what my Dad would do in this situation.

David B (br) wrote: The uplifting story of how an Eagles fan became one of the players. Mark Wahlberg is great in the lead role, but special mention should go to the supporting cast, who are all superb. For anyone into American Sports movies, this is a must.