Oscar's Heroic Poses

Oscar's Heroic Poses


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Oscar's Heroic Poses torrent reviews

Michael T (kr) wrote: Awful, shallow and sinister right-wing propaganda...

Patrick L (ru) wrote: Leelee Sobieski is a beautiful revelation in this film about a film student who graduates only to find that her "connections" to Hollywood lead to nothing but non-film work and then she is forced to consider her choice of career when she receives an interview for editing work but with a porn film company not a mainstream studio. She takes the job and tries to complete her own film during her spare time but she does get "found out". This film is like a lot of the porn films it portrays or refers to in that it is excessively revealing during the sex scenes and there is a cameo by a known porn star later in the film. This film is far from classy but Leelee brings a special charm to her role and is really the one saving grace about this film, notwithstanding any good performances by other actors. Excessive nude and sexual scenes, a poor script overall, poor dialogue and not much in the way of quality film making. 5/10

Josh J (nl) wrote: A cross between 'Rain Man' and 'Oceans 11.' Not a 'great' movie, but it held my interest. Pretty rough language, but anything with Chazz Palminteri is usually worth a look.

Bianca N (ag) wrote: Crap kinda funny crap. I live in Lincoln and well yea that is about what would happen if a math teacher had a heart attack in class just sit there and stare.

Zoe W (au) wrote: At first I thought that the movie wouldn't have enough of a plot... I was wrong. I never imagined that kids in an airport would make a good film, but there was so much they were doing that kept me watching.

Dig B (fr) wrote: i didnt like this movie at all. i thought it was weird, confusing and boring. and please dont cry because i ruined a 100%.

Tracy C (mx) wrote: Harsh but good. Interesting story line with the twists. Filmed in Quebec.

Lee M (ag) wrote: Disney's take on the Holocaust is like a vitamin enriched piece of white bread. It has lost much of its real flavor after so much processing. It's not so much bad as it is bland.

Tim M (fr) wrote: Released the same year as "They Live" but nowhere near as good. If Carpenter directed this and Keith David co-starred it could be entertaining. I like the idea and the story, but it's poorly executed.

Deadly V (mx) wrote: Searing Character Study...Not To Be Missed

Vinny G (ru) wrote: My first James Bond experience and it was great. It did more than just live up to the hype for me. Bond's into is perfect. The movie has its slow parts, but definitely has stood the test of time. (I watched in 2016) 90 out of 100

Peter K (es) wrote: beautifully shot, you can see tarkovsky's intafuation with water. Sweet little story about art, friendship, childhood and man. I think...

James H (nl) wrote: 5.5/10. Certainly one of Claudette Colbert's most unmemorable movies, but her presence and professionalism in the film boost it up barely above average. Interesting plot concept not given a very good film treatment.

Mohammed A (au) wrote: Not a good movie to watch