Gino, a drifter, begins an affair with inn-owner Giovanna as they plan to get rid of her older husband.

Gino, a young and handsome tramp, stops in a small roadside inn run by Giovanna. She is unsatisfied with her older husband Bragana : she only married him for money. Gino and Giovanna fall ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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HaNa A (us) wrote: Watching Dakota and Jamie is the only good thing about the movie..

Grant Z (ru) wrote: Such a good movie. Love Michael Keaton in this role.

Andrew L (us) wrote: british crime movie with a low budget and a relatively unknown cast, usually not a good mix but in this case it works quite well actually. a decent storyline about a bank robbery and a few twists thrown in there make this a film worth watching.

Matt M (jp) wrote: It was really good but too short... & whats up with all this stuff about "True Love's First Kiss"?! Is there any other way Disney?

Jasav J (au) wrote: Garbage. An embarrassment to Christopher's Reeve and Richard's Donner legacy. Brayn Singer is hack. Thank you, Mr. Snyder! For giving us a Superman movie that wee all deserve but haven't seen for a long time.

Scott M (it) wrote: An interesting examination of perhaps the best poker player of all time, and probably the best all-around card player in history. Hard to believe it toward the end cuz he didn't have a coked-out nose, but it had some great card moments (including an awesome bluff, and some cool gin rummy moments). Very enjoyable.

Mark D (it) wrote: Marketed as a soft core flick, but its nothing of the sort. Asia Argento's semi- autobiographical directorial debut is nothing short of just plain disturbing. Well shot and well acted. Can be seen as self indulgent, but the girl had a story to tell and she did a decent job telling i and completly damning the industry she works int. WOrth a watch if a fan of hers.

Nik M (it) wrote: Another Kurosawa film that speaks no less of his undeniable mastery over both the samurai period film and over cinema in general. The usual perfection is there - the solid acting, excellent cinematography, strokes of meaningful colour, broad set pieces, and all the more heartfelt and pure emotion.

Bob W (gb) wrote: One of several films loosely based on the famous thrill killing of 1924, this one is memorable for Welles' compelling courtroom performance alongside E.G. Marshall as prosecutor. What is really on trial is capital punishment in this scaled down version of the 400 page novel.

Orlok W (de) wrote: Great, Unknown Bunuel--Great adventure!!

Jonathan P (us) wrote: Let's just say Eastwood provided one of the most choreographed fight scenes I have ever seen it was so akward that it had me shaking my head at some of the punches that were being thrown. Even as bad as the fights were the comedy was good enough to keep you interested in the thin plot. Plus the orangurtan was funny as could be. You just couldn't help but chuckle everytime he was on camera. A decent way to waste two hours of daytime.

The N (br) wrote: Chloe Grace is really very bad actress

Glenn B (jp) wrote: If this was made about my teenage years, it'd be all wanking, playing Street Fighter 2 and Secret of Mana. And be a lot better too.

Baris O (kr) wrote: This Spider man film should be good when I finally watch it.