Desdemona, daughter of a Venetian aristocrat, elopes with Moorish military hero Othello, to the great resentment of Othello's envious underling Iago. Alas, Iago knows Othello's weakness, and with chilling malice works on him with but too good effect...

Othello is a hero after crushing an invasion by the Turkish army near Cyprus. He is eager to get married with the beautiful Desdemona and ignores the advice of his intended's father about her characters. One day, his rival has a conspiracy which makes he think Desdemona and Cassio are in love. How does he deal with problems? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cedric L (ag) wrote: Emotionally powerful with great performances.

Mira Mohd S (us) wrote: Even Arjun Rampal & Abhay Deol cannot save this laughable mess of a serious issue...

Matthew L (ca) wrote: More likely to be remember, if at all, for being the last film Snipes made before being sentenced for tax evasion. Has had an interesting journey from conception to release with a number of people attached to star, including Chow Yun-Fat, when the film was originally going to be made in 2005. When production began in 2006, Snipes was attached as the lead before production was halted due to Snipes legal problems. After posting bail he was allowed to return to Africa, where the film was being made, to complete the film. From there it seems to have ended up on a shelf with various release dates listed online, Flixster has 2009, IMDB has 2012 but all in all it seems to have taken the best part of a decade to make it from pre-production to release.All of which is far more interesting than the film we finally got. Snipes plays a gunman being hunted by the resurrected gang of outlaws he killed a year or so before. Various motivations and plot points seem to have been thrown together at will and this is a hodge-podge of genres, sorta zombie/western, that whilst it looks great, the cinematography is fantastic all sun bleached and washed out, the overall film feels a little under cooked.In fact the best thing is the credits, but you have to sit through 90 minutes of sub-par cinema to get to them. One for Snipes fans and completist only.

Claire B (ag) wrote: Very interesting. Definately not what was expected. A great line up of characters with flawless interaction. Did not expect to laugh as much as i did. "Dont get air bubbles in there, it could be fatal"...too funny!

leah f (gb) wrote: The focus is a little shaky, but it's charming and sweet. The pacing is smooth for such a short flick. The only Achilles heel I could possibly find is in the animation, which, admittedly, is a little stiff as times. Still a good holiday watch.

Mac J (kr) wrote: This isn't as bad as people make it out to be. I think there's some creativity in here, unlike other sequels. There's a bit of suspense in here, at least (I'm looking at you, "Saludos Amigos"!) Overall, it may not be as good as the first film, but it's stiil a good sequel.

Private U (br) wrote: A intersting movie with a great "feel and effect" to it. Rutger Hauer's acting is great and watch for a young Jack Black in this movie. Most importantly, it's a FUN movie to watch.

David C (nl) wrote: Built the Helicopter model from film

Greg S (ag) wrote: Boring white people take an expedition deep into the dullest Africa looking for a boring white gorilla. This movie contends that white-coated gorillas are more intelligent and human-like than brown-furred gorillas. Very subtle.

Estevo T (gb) wrote: muito bom! uma histria que merece ser vista.

Morgan K (us) wrote: Very impressive performance by Stewart!!! Really enjoyed this one!

Jordan L (jp) wrote: Dumbo is magnificent. It is one of the greatest classics of the Golden Age of Disney, being, in my opinion, second among the best films of the studio at the time that Walt commanded, below only Fantasia. This film is proof that it is possible to make a good story, with captivating characters, brilliant situations, touching scenes and beautiful songs even with few resources. That's right, Dumbo does a lot with very little, without losing the brilliance and originality of a true disney classic.

Matthew F (ag) wrote: Reminded me of Blue Streak.