Nojima Satoshi (Okada Junichi) is a photographer whose job depends on his friend Shingo, a model, who in turn is in a middle of a career crisis...

Nojima Satoshi (Okada Junichi) is a photographer whose job depends on his friend Shingo, a model, who in turn is in a middle of a career crisis... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Oto-na-ri torrent reviews

Paul D (nl) wrote: Likeable comedy and romance with a lovely style and mood with lots of attention to detail with its 1950's setting.

Ed L (nl) wrote: very confusing plot crossing in out of of reality. Even the writer of this movie maybe have got lost somewhere along the way. Might actually have to re-watch this movie to figure out what's going on.

Abby R (ca) wrote: i love it i know ots a lesbian kinda heheh bt its good

Alex C (mx) wrote: I'm assuming this movie is better when on speed. Couldn't make it past the 93rd shot of people dancing in the club, complete with dozens of split-second camera angles. (Roughly 22 minutes in.)

Noname (mx) wrote: A nice thriller with Pierce Brosnan in a different role then what he usually plays. Some twists and a well made movie made it well worth seeing and i love this kind of movies.

John A (es) wrote: One of the great spiritual films of all time, and the film where Bresson's distinctive style really begins to round into form. The film chronicles the faith struggles of a priest and his parishioners, ebbing and flowing between moments of utter despair and of profound hope. The intense focus on the priest as he suffers his way to sainthood presents an almost unique portrait in film: that of a truly good man. Bresson is to be commended for adapting Bernanos' vision in such a successful way.

Jason M (it) wrote: It's funny at times and not funny in others. I don't like Sandler's annoying voice. It's a masterpiece compared to his later movies.

MehdiandHelen N (ru) wrote: Just Another reason to hate Gay people. Felt like throwing up all through the movie.

Richard S (br) wrote: This was a lot better than I was expecting. The story was apparently the inspiration for Herman Melville's Moby Dick, how much of the actual story is true is debatable but despite this I thought it was a very entertaining movie. What begins as a seafaring adventure soon turns into a battle for survival after whaling ship The Essex is taken out by the biggest whale ever committed to film. The story then concerns itself with what men will do in order to survive in extreme circumstances. Credit to Chris Hemsworth for losing his mass of Thor muscle to play the first mate who drifts ever closer to starvation with his other survivors as they drift out to sea. I also think his fellow Marvel superhero Tom Holland is one to watch out for, who also impressed in The Impossible, also holds his own here. An entertaining and well told adventure.