Otoko wa tsurai yo: Torajiro kurenai no hana

Otoko wa tsurai yo: Torajiro kurenai no hana

Tora-san works hard to bring together his nephew, Mitsuo, and Mitsuo's girlfriend who is engaged to someone else.

Tora-san works hard to bring together his nephew, Mitsuo, and Mitsuo's girlfriend who is engaged to someone else. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Otoko wa tsurai yo: Torajiro kurenai no hana torrent reviews

bill s (mx) wrote: Is not even worth reading the captions,

Michele C (it) wrote: VERY I appropriately rated!!! Should by R!

Chris B (au) wrote: I really dislike this movie. I thought the editing was really bad and none of the characters work for me. I did not like the way Miles Teller played his character.

Brian S (it) wrote: "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" meets "The Purple Rose of Cairo" in a botched B-flick that takes a mildly interesting idea and executes it very badly. Rife with internal inconsistencies, continuity goofs (watch the wounds on the biker chick disappear between shots as she's dragged away), and poor acting. A child actor has a particularly bad time in this regard, but the whole cast is so stiff that it's hard to say he takes anything away from them. The idea of a Leatherface-like serial killer who steps in and out of a film isn't a bad one, but this flick really goes off the rails when it tries to bring us into the "cinematic" world. That and the whole "the monster can only hurt you if you're scared" bit wear out fast. Best not to lose any sleep tracking down this Midnight Movie.

Luc M (jp) wrote: Solid movie, this is what I call a "hidden gem"

Leann P (de) wrote: I'm a scooby fanatic. I think I watch this one over 50x's...LOL.

Jared H (au) wrote: great movie!! good storyline and handsome men!!! plot thickens... all around good!!!

Ben R (it) wrote: This is one of those movies that only works because the lead is who he is. Even here in his early 70's, Paul Newman's screen presence is as captivating and commanding as ever. This one will manage to leave a smile on your face.

Dawn D (br) wrote: I love Tom Robbins, but I was afraid that his books wouldn't translate well to film. This movie confirmed my fears.Please read the book instead.

Lee (it) wrote: The inovator of the Italian Cannibal exploitation movies that were to repulse and shock audiences over the world, many were to end up being banned in numerous countries. This one isn't quite as sleazy as later cannibal movies, in fact it's a pretty decent film. It's plot is almost identical to the film "A Man Called Horse" but set in a remote village in an Asian Jungle. The cannibals only come into the film towards the end of the film so gore-wise it's not a splatter-fest. But this one is the worst offender for animal cruelty with numerous scenes of animal baiting and on-screen butchery and sacrifice. But the film is well enough acted and the romance between Ivan Rassimov and Me Me lai is played out genuinely enough providing some quite steamy scenes and ample amounts of nudity. It's got a pretty catchy theme-tune too. The film is far from perfect but it's enjoyable enough.

Ian G (mx) wrote: A difficult watch due to the over-reliance on numerous tropes, as well as Newley's quasi-irish(?) accent throughout. Disjointed plot, but with a premise of someone who can legitimately speak to a cavalcade of animals you can't expect too much.

George C (fr) wrote: Excellent Spanish film about the power that guilt has on the human mind. Brilliant.

MF J (nl) wrote: Terrible adaptation of the Anne Rice's novel this awful film is badly directed, terribly acted and poorly scripted. What a waste of time to watch something so stupid and boring.

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