Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread

A woman waits for her truck driver husband, everyday, with his daily bread. Her concern for their dying relationship and her sister grows fast as she starts to doubt his loyalty.

A woman waits for her truck driver husband, everyday, with his daily bread. Her concern for their dying relationship and her sister grows fast as she starts to doubt his loyalty. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cedric L (mx) wrote: A fun scary good time.

Mad M (ru) wrote: Very cool, interesting flick. Great performances.

Samantha L (fr) wrote: very cute. I loved Anna Chlumsky in My Girl, but with the short hair she just wasn't the same i guess. A little too tom boyish. But anyway the movie was pretty good.

Timeen (kr) wrote: love this movie, never was into Patsy Cline's singing until this movie and the acting was excellent

Walter M (nl) wrote: On the boat to Macao, Nick Cochran(Robert Mitchum) is just minding his business when he is hit in the head by a shoe, leading to his rescuing Julie Benson(Jane Russell) from a possible sexual assault. In return, she lifts his wallet and passport. But at least she does not have to pay for the nylons that traveling salesman Lawrence Trumble(William Bendix) gives her as a free sample. In any case, casino owner Vincent Halloran(Brad Dexter) fingers Cochran as a cop sent to replace the last New York City cop Halloran had killed. As fairly simple as it is, "Macao" does have one neat trick of misdirection to play which probably worked better when the movie was released. After that, all it can do is rely on a little suspense and its stars' chemistry which is a mixed bag to say the least. While Robert Mitchum is supremely relaxed, Jane Russell has much more sex appeal than actual talent.(Admittedly, she can carry a tune or two.) That leaves it to Gloria Grahame to steal the movie whenever she is kind enough to put in an appearance.

Rangan R (ag) wrote: Chase your life (dream), don't let it chase you away.A multinationally produced film product. The story as well won't take place in one place, but travels around the different continents. It is when 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' meets 'The Ultimate Gift'. A very inspiring theme, made by 'Serendipity' director which is his first film since last five years. Looks like it is his career best, at least in my perspective it is. The film talks about the different human moods, especially about the search for happiness as the title suggest.Being I am a movie fanatic, I won't watch great flicks every day. It is not easy to come by, sometimes I have to go through 5 movies, sometimes 10 and sometimes a month long wait. In my recent watch I liked so many flicks, but never considered them as my favourites until this one. Like I said its been months and I am super excited with this film.As usual, my nemesis, the critics led it to the box office flop. I am saying the same thing that it's definitely not suit for critics, but families (excluding kids) and mainly middle-aged people. It will be too early for children to understand the movie and there is a nudity, but no sex scenes. The old people can enjoy watching it, but won't inspire them like 'The Bucket List' did."Do you have any children, doctor?My husband and I, it was our only regret. We couldn't.But, you know what? It was bloody good fun trying."Usually for the western countries, self-discover means visiting India. We have seen movies like 'The Darjeeling Limited', 'Eat Pray Love' and many more that focuses on the similar subjects. This film gets rid of that so called cliche and goes ahead with different locations. The title character Hector goes for a such mission looking for happiness through self-discovery, meets different people and their cultures. Even he undergoes several life threatening situations and also meets his past (people) only to clear his head.Hector was a very fond of Tintin comic books, he kind of imagines that he's Tintin and his dog as Snowy, but there's no confirmation in this regard in the movie. The adventure he takes exactly depicts what Tintin stories do. Looks his mood was kind of affect since his childhood. In the opening scene, he loses his dog which represented his 'Happiness'. Also, where the 'Unhappiness' (probably his girlfriend in his real world) rose above and tailed him since. These are simply my theory considering unexplained things or trying to crack down the hidden messages.I won't deny that some of the ideas were borrowed from the other flicks. It might not be as fancy as 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty', but it had some of its own great momentum like, laughs, craziness, emotions, romance and adventures. I have not seen Simon Pegg's all the movies, but in this he was never seen before avatar. I'll definitely remember it for him as long as I'll be in this film watching business. I was expecting his usual comedy, but I was absolutely blown away for witnessing an uplifting movie. If you focus deeply on the narration, you could virtually experience passing through all those provinces shown in the film. Definitely one of the top 10 films from the year 2014. I highly recommend it, certainly a must watch.9/10

Alfredo E (jp) wrote: boring and silly sometimes