Our Fathers

Our Fathers

In the '80s, priests and especially the Father Geoghan arrested for sexual abuse of minors. Cardinal Law, also indicted, and the diocese was aware of the actions of these men of the church and was kept secret for years, until the victims decide to seek redress.

A dramatized account of the hidden sexual abuse and scandal that shook the foundation of the Catholic Church, and the characters, events, and policies that brought the abuse and scandal into existence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ayodele A (br) wrote: ;) God bless America!!! I was left full of tears after this one..with lots of "wtf" moments from a high school comedy on meth, the film's pretty well acted and funny as hell.. Great entertainment...and not for the kids I must say

Hanson M (kr) wrote: Best christian movie I've seen.

Tyler B (it) wrote: This is such a sad movie, I cry every time I see it, though i don't like how it stole the flowers for algernon concept. Elisabeth Shue was really outstanding in it though.

Jonathan M (jp) wrote: This one gets a little bit of a higher score for nostalgia. Brings me back to when I was a kid renting VHS's at Blockbuster on Friday night. Didn't even realize it until I started knowing exactly how the next victim was gonna die and the cheesy line to follow. Still a decent movie, especially the special effects in the time before cgi.

michiel s (jp) wrote: jack nicholson's best role

Scott M (br) wrote: great animation. DC does this the best