Our Last Weekend

Our Last Weekend

Diana will be promoted at the office and wants to celebrate it. She invites her workmates Lisi, Leo and Roque to her grandmother's house. The village looks deserted and, event hough the guys don't know it yet, it hides a big secret. Enjoying the sun, the beach, drinking and parting during three days became a perfect environment to let out every kind of feelings, resentments, attractions and tensions .. They are not as lonely as they believe, and even more, this could be the last weekend for more than one of them...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Our Last Weekend 2011 full movies, Our Last Weekend torrents movie

Diana will be promoted at the office and wants to celebrate it. She invites her workmates Lisi, Leo and Roque to her grandmother's house. The village looks deserted and, event hough the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason K (ru) wrote: 2 times trying to get through this one- i give up= Miekos whining is horrid to sit through, whoever gave her that character should be shot.

michael l (nl) wrote: What starts as a tense hostage situation somehow manages to become a sharp critique of the Brazilian social system, and you actually end up sympathizing with the gunman(!)

Daniel K (mx) wrote: 3.5: So good I saw it twice in theaters; once on an IMAX screen near Lincoln Center and once at the Paris Theater near the south end of Central Park. It is basically just as spectacular now as it was then. It looks superb on Blu-Ray. This must have been extremely difficult to edit. I'm sure they left a lot of spectacular footage on the cutting room floor, so to speak. It is curious to see the relatively radical difference between the bald eagle and the rest of the migratory birds featured in the film. It makes one wonder whether the rugged individualism so prized and valued in America is due to the eagle being our national symbol or if the eagle is our national symbol because of this tendency. Regardless, beautiful film. I felt like I'd rather be watching one of the first two Qatsi picture though. The filmmakers could have used a little help in the score department.

James J (nl) wrote: I have seen the trailer and some clips for the film and it makes me hope Tom Green dies a horrible painful death the unfunny cunt.

Moe R (br) wrote: This film was brilliant, yet it manages to make us see how messed up people can really be. Very great acting done on everyones part.Two girls meet by coincidence. From there, they talk about murdering someone to have a good time. They go to an old woman's place, and act as if they need help, because one of them was "injured". Unfortunately, the woman gets killed. They thought it was awesome, but they learned their lesson by going to jail.

Orlok N (nl) wrote: Magnificent!almost an Epic!

Ken L (es) wrote: If you're looking for really sick sick. This is it! The genuine bottom of the barrel of doctrinaire paranoid fantasy twisted tightly into self-righteous salvation. " God said to Abraham; 'Kill me a son.' Abe say 'Man, you must be puttin' me on' ... ... ... out on Highway 61" - Bob Dylan. Roadkill on Hiway 61! in vivid living color. Fundementalist Sundayschool realism anyone? Oh! Yummy!

Mathieu C (jp) wrote: I may be stretching things a little but I thought this film was absolutly great. This film is much more psychologically complex than any other portrayal of Jesse James and Bob Ford I have ever seen. Bob Ford is portrayed sympathetically and also as a innocent child. He lived with killing Jesse James and seemed to accept it but at the end of it all he says that he always regretted it. Great Film.

bernard a (it) wrote: This film has an incredible line-up of stars. The first scene alone has Humphrey Bogart and future TV biggies Phil Silvers, Jackie Gleason and William Demarest. The baddies include Conrad Veidt (CASABLANCA), Judith Anderson (REBECCA) and Peter Lorre (M). Peter Lorre's character especially is just pure evil in this. The film is part comedy, drama and wartime propaganda. The dialogue is screwball fast. My main problem with ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT is that for every wonderful line delivered, it is off-set by scenes that really test your plausibility limits. One moment will have you laughing, but the next moment will have you roll your eyes. I suppose it can work for you if viewed primarily as a comedy, yet it contains some of the most violent scenes I've seen yet for a 1940's flick (yes, tame by modern standards - but very violent for it's time imo). ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT isn't a film that readily comes to mind when you think Bogie - yet he has incredible screen presence here. His character "Gloves" Donahue straddles the gray area between being a law abiding citizen and outlaw. He plays sort of a sports bookie/gambler surrounded by his posse (Demarest, Gleason and perennial character actor Frank McHugh). Demarest's character, "Sunshine" has the best lines which Demarest delivers in his best Preston Sturges'-like tradition. He does a few of his patented pratfalls here too. Gloves is one tough cookie yet he always remembers to buy flowers for his mom (Jane Darwell). It is actually Gloves' mother who starts the action rolling when she asks Gloves to investigate the disappearance of one Mr. Miller (Ludwig Stosell) - the kindly neighborhood baker. We learn that Mr. Miller - who is of German descent - has connections to some very shady characters. When Mr. Miller refuses to cooperate with them, he is paid a visit by the sinister thug, Pepe (Peter Lorre). During the course of his investigation, Gloves himself gets into hot water with the law when he inadvertently becomes the prime suspect in a murder of one of Gloves' "business" rival. The lead female is played by Kaaren Verne (who will eventually marry Peter Lorre, BTW). Her character acts as a spy for the baddies. The baddies have her father locked in a prison camp - Dachau. If she does not cooperate with the baddies...her father will be kaput. It is particularly interesting (and foreboding) to note a reference to Dachau in a film so early in the war- knowing what we know now. Also of note is Judith Anderson (Mrs. Danvers from Hitchcock's REBECCA). Watch as she delivers her lines as she cuddles a dachshund. Hateful spite and caring all at once. Nicely done. 7.5 for now. I can see this rating go higher upon rewatches.

Chris D (fr) wrote: There's no questioning the performance of Brendan Gleeson as Winston Churchill, the sharp dialogue or the technical ability of Director Thaddeus O'Sullivan...however, I felt the experience was incomplete, leaving me wanting more.

HungYa L (us) wrote: Nah, it is very Jason Statham.

Jon C (mx) wrote: this is the movie that sky-rocketed the late Prince into famesure the story is corny as hell but it was a defining visual representation of the Regan yearsthis auto-biography really showed this artist's complicated yet successful music career and family/love life; he was told the only music he made meant a damn to him, his father was abusive towards his mother, and the love of his life wanted to make it to the top even if it meant signing up with a sketchy managerbut the music is ever-so impressive and you'll be tapping your toes and clapping your hands to many of the numbersApollonia is just as perfect as Prince playing Kid with her own troubles trying to be left behindsexy, tune-filled, emotional, and filled with such passionPrince Nelson will be forever remembered for his voice but also his commitment to life itself