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Conrad T (au) wrote: Not bad. Pretty predictable however. A bit too much 'hard sell' for restoring image for ICAC.

Patience A (jp) wrote: i 'll like to rate this movie to see it later

Matt C (fr) wrote: I finished the B5 series recently and am trying to watch all the movies. this came first before all the others - thanks BlockBuster Total Access for messing up the order. Strange to go from 10 year old CG in the series straight to this one - but I love the updated looks. Interesting stories, one about a demon possession in space. Cool concept, a little theologically off, but bonus points for ScFi tackling a Christian subject and actually making the Priest look like a good, decent person.

Jose L (kr) wrote: A movie is good when one of the main character vomits due to his own actions, good and intense movie.

Gloria P (ag) wrote: thus was really fun to watch

Stefan G (nl) wrote: This movie was just freaking crazy. Between a device that can turn lead into gold, and a dog with an obsession with Bruce Willis' crotch, I'd say that there's a lot to this movie that makes no sense. But that's strangely part of the humour. Bruce Willis does spout some pretty good lines, but sometimes the characters seem overly enthusiastic in their performances to the point of being campy. The movie has some strange ideas, but it could have done a little better.

TERRI (mx) wrote: i love this movie!! watched it 100 times!

Jessica W (ca) wrote: I was really looking forward to watching it, after all the hype about it..I feel really let down....

Adam R (ca) wrote: A true classic and staple of spoof movies, Mel Brooks creates an affectionate parodic tribute to Westerns of the 50s and 60s. While I do have the admit that the ending becomes a bit too nonsensical and wacky for my personal tastes, there are still so many hilarious moments and unforgettable characters to ignore here. Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Harvey Korman, Dom Deluise: RIP. Such a talented group of actors all utilized perfectly in this film. See it!

Cullan P (gb) wrote: Very good for faith in God

Anita F (it) wrote: Great cast, but storyline was kind of slow.

Greg W (mx) wrote: good actioner and another lost review

Joel A (jp) wrote: A riveting true story of an inmate in Alcatraz who from a simple relationship with a bird became one of the most infamous bird researchers.Burt Lancaster is utterly fantastic as the birdman, the whole film is reliant in his performance & he simply delivers.The relationship with the bird is second to the incredible story if human spirit and his determination not to be locked up mentally. Although this film runs 2.5 hours it doesn't feel like it, it's touching, enthralling & written so well, a true classic a powerful story...