Our Lips Are Sealed

Our Lips Are Sealed

Follow Mary-Kate and Ashely halfway around the world in this Aussie adventure jam packed with non-stop action, laughs, super spies and surfer guys. The extraordinary escapade begins when the girls eyewitness a crime and are forced to go undercover in the FBI Witness Protection Program.

Follow Mary-Kate and Ashely halfway around the world in this Aussie adventure jam packed with non-stop action, laughs, super spies and surfer guys. The extraordinary escapade begins when ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric H (ru) wrote: Gus Van Sant's Elephant, though a rapturous and terrifying memorial to the Columbine massacre, brings nothing to the discussion on high-school violence. No causes, no solutions, no moral or intellectual perspective, none of the facile politicking that immediately followed in the incident's wake. Those looking for answers, or even insights, are certain to be disappointed by Van Sant's audacious experiment, which offers a delicate and uninflected meditation on high-school life during a not-so-ordinary day. A natural companion piece to Gerry, his minimalist landscape film about two men lost in the desert, Elephant creates gorgeous, wide-open spaces that allow viewers the freedom to reflect without having a point-of-view imposed on them. In that sense, the film does the important service of stealing Columbine back from pundits and politicians on both ends of the ideological spectrum, all of whom seized upon the event so opportunistically. With ace cinematographer Harris Savides' elegant Steadicam prowling the halls, Van Sant quietly restores some humanity to the victims and perpetrators alike, if only to account for their existence. Using a mostly non-professional cast, he tracks all the students involved in this fateful day, which begins with mundane routine and ends in bloody mayhem. Because there's no time to get past first impressions and truly understand these characters, many appear as Breakfast Club-like stereotypes (The Jock, The Nerd, The Bulimic Princesses), reduced to their place on the high-school caste system. Van Sant spends more time with John Robinson, a wispy blond boy who looks out for his alcoholic father (Timothy Bottoms), and Elias McConnell, a yearbook photographer with an unerring eye for beauty. In the film's most problematic sequence, he also follows the two killers (Alex Frost and Eric Deulen) in the moments leading up to the massacre, using the opportunity to check off all the usual "causes"-violent video games, gun proliferation, Nazism, repressed sexuality-that are commonly attached to such rampages. But collectively, all the players are brought together under the same umbrella, their lives intersecting in a way that none of them could have anticipated. While it seems that Van Sant is merely leading his lambs to the slaughter, Elephant has a gentle, hypnotic tone that's insistently sweet and elegiac, in spite of the horrors that overwhelm the frame. In its juxtaposition of the serene and the violent, the beautiful and the brutal, the film achieves a balance that's exquisitely judged, tiptoeing artfully through a cultural minefield.

JAMESON LUTZ F (ag) wrote: Best movie actually it's hilarious and awesome Screw the haters!

Brenda K (mx) wrote: Bad acting.. suck so bad

Bartek D (kr) wrote: Fun story about living a lie, unnecessarily pumping up the drama near the end. But there's always Anas Demoustier to stare at.

Tuan N (ru) wrote: "I should've danced with you."Sometimes, the best love story can come from the strangest and most awkward situation, with two persons that you least expected..

Charles R (ca) wrote: Why all the hate? It's mostly generic, sure, but also pretty effective. I dunno, I've been stuck in a rut of struggling to get scared recently, but this one kicked me right out of it. Much like the much more recent "The Conjuring", it's got a god awful script, but is saved by a great director who knows how to freak the fuck out. A strong start for Balaguero, who'd go on to make some legendary films.If you haven't seen "Rec".....well, get the fuck on that 5 minutes ago.

Jaden O (jp) wrote: My Neighbor Totoro is a great example of the anime genre, showing the fun and lighthearted tone that the genre can have. Anyone can find something enjoyable. The film has managed to stay popular since its release almost 30 years ago and become a cult movie for the anime genre, which is saying something. If you enjoy anime or even just animation in general this movie is a must see for you.

Sam S (mx) wrote: Dam Funny, but Delirious is funnier

Cameron F (us) wrote: Personal favorite. Full of morose humor, sadness, and genius underlying messages -- something capable of being made only by an acclaimed cast, but Herzog made it real life people who had never acted before.

Art S (br) wrote: One of two "American" films from Bunuel -- a crazy take on race relations, "Lolita" and the usual religious angle, all shot in glorious black and white, looking stunning. Guilt and innocence figure prominently (and a raccoon eats a chicken).

Movie K (ru) wrote: Good action movie with a kick ass woman! In Colombia 1992, gangster Beto Benites send his men to kill young Zoe Saldana parents. Jordi Moll palm is stabbed by the girl and she escape. She go to the embassy address as instructed by her father and pass the memory card to an agent. She get asylum to Miami. She escape in the airport toilet, travel to Chicago to find Cliff Curtis for refuge. She aspire to be a killer. Cliff enroll her to school to learn. 15 years later, Zoe pretend to drink driving and get caught by police. Staying in detention cell, US Marshal brought in a criminal. Zoe unlock her cell, disable the electrical system, crawl through the fan blade, knock out the guard marshal and enter the cell to kill the criminal. She escape and go back to her cell to sleep and nobody suspect her. FBI Lennie James is send to investigate. 22 murders in 4 years with the same M.O. CIA agent Callum Blue has been working with Beto for information and they want him to find this killer. Beto know it is Zoe. Lennie know the killer is one of the person in the station and assign his men to check everyone. Zoe has a boyfriend Michael Vartan. Cliff assign another new job for Zoe. He doesn't know she left the drawing of the flower on her victims until the newspaper came out. A cleaner told Lennie the flower is Cateleya and only found in Colombia. Zoe trained 2 dogs to eat on command. She sneak into the next target home via the shark pool. She shot him bleeding and fell to the pool, devour by sharks. Lennie call Callum but he deny him access rights to the information. Jordi and men goes to search for Zoe. Michael took a photo of Zoe while she's asleep. Cliff is angry the baddies kill many Colombians and one is his friend. He want to stop helping Zoe. Michael show the photo to his friend and he secretly send it to his sis-in-law working in the police station to run through data match. Lennie was notify of the search and mobilise his team to intercept and get a match data. They get the phone location and reach her house. Zoe escape to another unit and grab a rifle hidden in the ceiling, then blow up a wall when the SWAT team blow her door. She escape easily and go find Cliff. But the family are all killed. She find Lennie at home and made him sit on a wired bomb chair, start telling her story. She want Lennie to work harder. The chair bomb is a fake. He go find Callum but he refuse to help. Zoe call him and aim the sniper rifle at Callum and demand the address. She got what she wants. Next she go to the land surveyor office to get the floor plan of Beto house. Zoe wage an all out solo war against the baddies. She kill many minions and fight Jordi, kills him with the gun chamber. Beto escape in a van but Zoe already planted her 2 hungry dogs behind. Upon hearing her eat command, they kills Beto. Michael is interview by Lennie and Zoe called him. They chat for the last time before been trace.

Lindsey C (es) wrote: Clement + Mockumentary = GOLD

Farah R (de) wrote: The script was horrendous and the pace was maddening.

Suette R (it) wrote: its decent. worth $.99

Jonathan B (us) wrote: Rambo + Commando + a bit of Predator + a mullet + denim cut-offs = AwesomeIt looks to me as if someone saw a few films that were big in the 80's and gone "I can do that" and basically paid for it themselves, and didn't have a lot of money either. Trying to find sense is impossible so just enjoy it for what it is. Everything about it is bad, and yet it's still amazing.