Our Miss Brooks

Our Miss Brooks

The big-screen translation of the successful television show of the 1950's. Arden stars as Connie Brooks, wisecracking high school English teacher, who finally ties the knot with shy biology teacher Philip Boynton.

The big-screen translation of the successful television show of the 1950's. Arden stars as Connie Brooks, wisecracking high school English teacher, who finally ties the knot with shy biology teacher Philip Boynton. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dinesh P (ca) wrote: A bad rehash of all the romcoms.

Frank M (ag) wrote: A solid movie. Entertaining plot, a few twists. Especially entertaining if you know the area and the people the movie is about.

Jenna L (ca) wrote: It has its moments, but over all it very forgettable. Not a lot happens and not much is explained--little character development. The actors also seem to have very little dialogue to go on and appear to be improvising, more like scrambling, a lot.

Micky A (it) wrote: Oh dear, this film is terrible, watched it last night, and most of the film consists of nothing more than killing time, with no suspense, no blood, or gore, just predictable script, and plenty of holes in the storyline, for example, police car rear doors being opened from inside car to leaving a crashed car in the middle of the road.

James S (br) wrote: Thora Birch is a good actress. She was stunning in Ghost World and American Beauty and even though The Hole wasn't the best horror movie in the world, it was at least better than this mis-guided psychological thriller with a hefty dose of gore lumped upon it.Birch has duel roles as two girls, one blonde, one dark, who seem to dream of each other. She goes to see shady doctor Toby Stephens who attempts to put a stop to her nightmares of a serial killer currently doing the rounds, so that she can concentrate on getting pregnant via IVF.The story moves back and forth between the two Thora's and some of it very well shot and her performance is markedly different between her two personas. That's just about all that is good about Dark Corners.Elsewhere the film takes advantage of the fact that dark haired Thora just happens to work at an undertakers to throw in some gory moments. Toby Stephens seems to be doing some sort of feeble Hugh Grant impression while the endless scenes of weirdos of the bus wearing funny clothes add nothing and are never explained.Director Ray Gower shows off some skill with his use of lighting and some extreme close ups which generate a sense of not knowing what is real and what is not but we're all waiting for the big twist to come along and see just exactly how this multi-stranded story fits together and which of the Thora's might be the real one.It doesn't happen. The ending has been described as open to interpretation but isn't that just a fancy way of saying it doesn't make sense. The climax is quick and unsatisfying leaving the film on a very frustrating note.Thora Birch is still a fine actress and she is the only thing that really holds this film together and stops it from being a total disaster but even she can't save something with so many holes in it that it was bound to sink from the start.

Mandy B (fr) wrote: This movie makes me happy:)

Ashley W (mx) wrote: I loved this movie when I was a kid. Great for youngsters. :)

Patrice F (us) wrote: A wonderful and at times trippy ode to the swinging 60s.

Ken S (es) wrote: The first cameo-rich part of this anthology isn't half bad, the others are passable, but not great. The super off pairing of Mark Hamil and TWIGGY almost works and Carpenter's turn as the Crypt Keeper-ish host is pretty silly too boot.

Art S (ca) wrote: I want to think about this more (especially the possible Borges and Kenneth Anger influences on it). Basically the tale of a violent London gangster who haphazardly meets a muso who has lost his mojo and his masculine side fuses with the other's feminine side -- or something to this effect. Everyone gets their minds blown. Donald Cammell apparently drove this project but Nic Roeg helped out -- not sure who was responsible for the experimental (cut-up) editing style, prominent in the first half (but this might be the Burroughs influence I've read about) -- it is rather distracting. Extra doses of sex and violence are in your face. Overall, a lot of interesting things here, some work and some do not.

Jason T (ru) wrote: If you've watched the other Alvin and the chipmunk movies you pretty much know what to expect here. It's geared towards kids with a paper thin plot and a cheesy story. It's on par with the other chipmunk films I can't say it's any better or worse. But as a film it's pretty lousy.