Our Nixon

Our Nixon

Never before seen Super 8 home movies filmed by Richard Nixon's closest aides - and convicted Watergate conspirators - offer a surprising and intimate new look into his Presidency.

Never before seen Super 8 home movies filmed by Richard Nixon's closest aides - and convicted Watergate conspirators - offer a surprising and intimate new look into his Presidency. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven C (jp) wrote: I accidentally watch this movie on TV. But wow... very great movie. It's just another typical sport loser team from zero to hero, but still great!

Nick J (gb) wrote: Thought that the history of this typeface was interesting. No one really thinks about fonts, but after seeing this documentary, one's eyes are opened a bit wider. I would recommend watching this film if you're looking to follow an interesting story behind something we see everyday of our lives regardless of whether you have a computer or not.

Grace M (de) wrote: Wonderful. Dawkins is a king.

bill s (it) wrote: Seen it before violent action shoot 'em up.....not done bad but not that good either.

Kevin E (us) wrote: not a bad movie i just didnt like the end.

Gabriel K (nl) wrote: The story is banal, but the movie is beautifully shot and the acting is superb.

Matthew S (es) wrote: A major cinematic error, but there are moments that are cinematic magic.

JH K (ag) wrote: Un poco de WW2 desde la perspectiva nazi y rodada por americanos es cuanto menos interesante, maxime si esta detras de las camaras el maestro haciendo su unica pelicula belica, donde queda bien claro donde nacen las cruces de hierro.

Harry W (kr) wrote: As with any film directed by Steven Spielberg, Empire of the Sun sounded like a fascinating look at a new genreEmpire of the Sun first characterizes its historical context with a dramatically narrated opening credits scene, effectively establishing the historical context of the story for viewers who do not know it prior to seeing the film. This is something I really respect about Empire of the Sun because there are so many historical movies out there that expect viewers to be already familiar with the events about to be depicted. Steven Spielberg respects his viewers enough to ensure that they understand just what kind of a story they are experiencing.Stevenm Spielberg takes a different approach to his role as the director of Empire of the Sun. Steven Spielberg films have a tendency to be larger than life, but with Empire of the Sun this is not exactly the case. There are elements of this that lie in the dreams and fantasies of protagonist Jamie "Jim" Graham and extensive production values, but the genuine approach that Steven Spielberg takes can be rather inconsistent. There doesn't seem to be much of a sense of story development in Empire of the Sun. Though the film is very much about Jamie "Jim" Graham's experiences as a child who has to face the tragedies of WWII, it is also about both the large spectacle of the war as a whole. At the same time, its general mood is largely grim in conveying a loss of innocence yet occasionally lighthearted to convey that very innocence. As a result, Empire of the Sun has some minor issues with focus and tone, unable to assert whether it wants to be a character piece or a Spielberg Spectacle. Ultimately, it ends up resting more on the latter, but it still has faults in doing so. With the story happening through the eyes of a child, the genuine scale of it all feels rather small so that aduiences gain a stronger understanding of Jamie "Jim" Graham's perspective on events. However, this interferes with the genuine spectacle of the film because it limits the effects of some of the production values to feeling like they are rather diminutive, particularly in the high profile climactic scenes of the film such as the bombings. Either way, there doesn't seem to be much structure consistency with either the tone of the film or its general story focus which can make it arather strange as an experience. But there is no denying the genuine charm and spirit that Steven Spielberg injects into Empire of the Sun.Being the passionate filmmaker that he is, Steven Spielberg manages to ensure that the themes of shattered innocence are put into Empire of the Sun with gritty sophistication while the film also succeeds in conveying a child's fantasies gradually deteriorating against them. The film is intense and touching, and it is very rich in atmosphere. The musical score in Empire of the Sun is always the most powerfully atmospheric thing about the film. Whenever the story calls upon it, John Williams' musical score is able to capture a joyful sense of life or heart wrenching grimness to match the visuals. Yet sometimes, the visuals are intentionally not in line with the music.The contrasting sights of a child riding his bicycle through a houe and enjoying a secret stock of his father's liqeur chocolates with the grim musical score effectively ensures that there is a powerful contrast between the imagery and musical score, creating strong dramatic results. And in all essence, the visuals are quite amazing. You can't expect anything less from Steven Spielberg because he is the creator of so many original blockbusters, and in Empire of the Sun he brings along his talent for spending a lot of money to create an extensive visual experience. With powerful on-location scenery, detailed production design and costumes and some big stunts, Empire of the Sun perfectly captures its timeframe and war themes with legitimacy. The spectacle of the film is truly amazing and the set pieces are a brilliant thing to experience, all captured with cinematography that turns them all into pieces of unforgettable imagery.And even as a spectacle, Empire of the Sun does not come up short on characters or cast.Christian Bale delivers an exceptional leading performance. Christian Bale can't shut up for a lot of Empire of the Sun, and that can prove annoying at times because the abundance of shouting that Jamie "Jim" Graham commits proves to be rather overwhelming with noise. As the film goes on this becomes less and less, but it can be somewhat frustrating at times. However, it works to the benefit of the character development. The way that Christian Bale transitions from being a pompous little English boy in fancy clothes at the start of the story to a damaged veteran of war covered in dirt and dog tags at the end is transcendent. Christian Bale goes from playing a juvenile child to a damaged soul, and the transition is exceptional for an actor of his age. Christian Bale develops into delivering the exact kind of iconic grit which he would eventually become iconic for, proving that his extensive acting talents have resonated with him since his earliest days. Christian Bale has such a wonderful spirit in Empire of the Sun, and the fact that Steven Spielberg plucked it and led him on the right path is just wonderful.John Malkovich's performance is excellent. Consistently proving himself as a brilliant character actor, John Malkovich tones down his common heavy persona and sophistication in favour of a more everyman persona. His restrained effort and genuinely likable nature effectively give him a sense of gritty charm in Empire of the Sun, and his chemistry with Christian Bale proves to bring out the best in both of them while adding a touch of light humour to some of the scene. John Malkovich works extremely well in Empire of the Sun, and his time on screen establishes a truly likable character whose genuine sense of support makes the experience more optimistic and charming.Joe Pantoliano also delivers a notable performance. His part is small, but his determined energy and grit prove to balance with Empire of the Sun to create a strong supporting character with a slight touch of comic charm at times, effectively bringing out talent in an actor long overdue for a breakthrough.So although Empire of the Sun is inconsistent in its tone and focus, Steven Spielberg's tenaciously stylish direction, John Williams' strong atmospheric musical score and the extensive talents of the cast keep it fantastic.

Arash B (us) wrote: To my suprise this was good, Cheesy yes but also impressive

Lewis E (nl) wrote: Don't usually go for thrillers. Tend to not find them all that, should I say, thrilling. However, 'Transsiberian' effectively engaged me in a couple's train journey which ends up not going according to plan. Performances are good, the atmosphere constantly remains tense and the story's focused and grounded direction means it stays on the right track.

Alfredo S (gb) wrote: An ugly, misguided, and poorly written mess