Our Sweet Days of Youth

Our Sweet Days of Youth

Young-min secretly admires Hye-rin whom he saw in a play and sends her flowers anonymously every performance of hers. However, Hye-rin marries a gynecologist Oh Seong-wu and leaves for New York.

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Brian Daniel L (ru) wrote: Luis Tosar crea toda la pelicula, su actuacion es creible y llega a un punto tal que uno cree que es colombiano, manejo bien el acento

Dustin D (mx) wrote: Takashi Miike's mix of gore and quirky humor was appreciated in Ichi the Killer, but comes off as a miscalculation here. He is making a tribute/parody to spaghetti westerns, particularly Django/A Fistful of Dollars, with a lot of references and in-jokes to fans of the genre, but it comes off as self-gratifying and excessive, and seems more like an exercise than a film for general audiences. Miike had something of a Tarantino flair, and Quentin Tarantino makes a cameo in this movie. Tarantino's Django would be a much better film, and more fitting send-up of the Italian predecessors. There are too many characters in Sukiyaki Western Django for any one to shine (although, Masanobu Ando and Kaori Momoi had their moments). For me, the main reason this film didn't work is the strange decision to have all the Japanese actors stumble over English dialogue. This, along with the humor that seems to be trying too hard, makes Django hard to get invested in and to sit through its 98-minute runtime.

Ty H (us) wrote: i can see where the director was trying to make statements, but the rest of the movie sort of overpowered anything he was trying to sa, in my opinion. still, what you have left is a pretty good and funny movie about a couple of guys who land a producing job for a shady record company. some excellent acting in this one.

John R (fr) wrote: I gave up on it after half an hour.

Galvy F (ca) wrote: When we are not blind when we know when we are owned as slaves and owned when we being played. When being blind, doesn't mean we are stupid or made as fools. We know our place, when we lived far too much in different places where we are not appreciated, wanted to now being wanted and appreciated. We walk away from bad people whom treat us bad. When we can recall where it all began to whom got us there then and whom got us there now. When we know all to we'll when someone hustles us, but other times we have to face blindness can't see everything or every time we are hustled. We can't see to Somethings we are not welcomed to by others, and others we are welcomed. When we are assisted along the way, to being haunted by not offering assistance to other things. When we have always lived on the edge, need to escape it all, get our mind away from things, when we are traumatized by our past. When we recall the time when we did go blind. When each song or hit is homage to something in our past that got us there. "Baby Let me Hold your Hand". But can't recall to how we went blind, it was all a mystery. When we are good, for a reason, when we have followed the greats. When we choose not to follow others to follow our talents elsewhere. When we are only good, when we are original and have our own sound. And some songs/hit are from someone else's mind. When we just don't know how he does it. When he is different than most men, not based on how he sees in being blind, but by how he sees in how he sees life in his music and real life. When he hears how he sees, god given gifts. When some gifts are hidden and great. When some gifts he can see without eyes. When some gifts that came straight from God we make our own from songs to a great wife. When the Devils gifts are also great, that makes changing god music for sex for money even more better. When others are no fool, and are not blind. When we can see how good we are and wanted that our senses besides our eyes are enheightened to want things. When we are coming around with our own sound, by our god given skills and devil's hand. When we are becoming a greater hit, and make fools out of everyone whom we betray, abandon, leave behind. When we lost our eye on whom got us here, whom nourished us, made us grow and whom got us there along the way. When we havent lost our way on some aspects, the wrong ways we kept and right ways we left behind. When we are less gospel, and more devilish that we enjoy that got us here. When we have a larger fellowship, larger sound, larger profits, larger label, that we care what people say, so much different from life growing up. When we are handed to the world so early and unable to see, cared for to get an education for blind people, that have to take care for ourselves. When being fooled when we least expect it, in time where things are getting bad, we take a stand. When it's a time where being different isn't accepted. When we are accepted for some things we do, but other things which is unlawful. When it's both that is not accepted, when its conflicting with people's values, views, households, life, money, politics and religion. When all what we do is due to being alone in the dark, all our life and in the industry of sound we lead.

Antony B (es) wrote: Joan Cusack has a scene where she scares the shit out of you with just one look!

Carla D (es) wrote: I left feeling... "Frozen"

Eric B (jp) wrote: What's most surprising about "Ilsa" is its shortage of humor. Beyond a few instances of especially unnecessary toplessness and one golden-shower gag, it's a fairly stern movie about Nazi prison torture. It's just that the prison happens to be run by voluptuous blondes."Ilsa" avoids Jewish issues altogether -- these preppy prisoners' "crimes" are unclear. The central rub is that commandant Ilsa (Dyanne Thorne, in a commendably fearless performance) is determined to use sadistic experiments to prove women are more durable soldiers than men. This motivates all sorts of grisly scenes with naked women being burned, electrocuted and forcibly penetrated. Unless you're a hardened S&M devotee, such scenes are not erotic. The other plot thread is sort of a Scheherazade riff wherein Ilsa has a habit of mating, then castrating her male prisoners but meets her match in a crafty stud who keeps her hungry for him to ejaculate. This aspect is a bit more fun, but the memory of all the women brutally mutilated elsewhere can't be shaken off.

Mickey N (it) wrote: Ok flick. One of Clint Walker's movie appearances.

Luke R (es) wrote: I don't know what I loved more, the fact that the "creature" was a part of the movie for oh about 2 minutes or the fact that this film didn't try to hide the way that it was just a person dressed up in a robe. Its a creature from the sea yet it had to have air bubbles coming out from all the cracks in the costume and use human diving flippers to swim. Still having said that just for the sheer cheesy movie factor from the 60s this movie is worth a watch just for the simple laughing matter at this movie.

Michael W (mx) wrote: Lumet has his share of misses as well as hits; a story based on the conviction and execution of the Rosenbergs for supposedly selling secrets to the Soviet Union. Somewhat depressing with Ellen Barkin underused. Should have more hippie folk music used prior to the credits and less traditional music.