Our Very Own

Our Very Own

Five teenagers in Shelbyville, Tennessee look to meet the actress Sondra Locke, who's returning to town for the local premiere of her big Hollywood movie.

Five teenagers in Shelbyville, Tennessee look to meet the actress Sondra Locke, who's returning to town for the local premiere of her big Hollywood movie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jlio A (de) wrote: Eu nem vou falar nada aqui pois j pre-vejo pedras voadoras.Mas resumindo:

Alondra B (us) wrote: I love it can't wait till second movie comes out by the way I'm Alondra and I'm 10 nice to meet u lol~~?~>~

jason l (kr) wrote: A movie to watch while inebriated. I'm not nearly there....Overall it was as expected. I just wish these movie comics would quit mistaking "shocking" for comedy.I yer in da mood for all silly(ish) flick to put on for your idiot guests while you handle business, this will suffice.

Spencer S (au) wrote: This film is garbage, no, wait, that isn't fair to garbage. Garbage can break down in compost heaps and go back to the Earth, while Tiptoes role on this planet is neither welcomed nor explained in full. This movie has no redeeming value of any way, shape, or form. It's thoughtless, disgusting, humorless, and surprisingly so since all expectations are shattered when the poster features some of Hollywood A-Listers. The film (if that's what we're calling it) stars Matthew McConaughey (Steven) and Kate Beckinsale as a couple with an unplanned pregnancy, startled by the secret that McConaughey's whole family are dwarves...that's right, the central point that brings the whole movie around is a matter of political correctness that doesn't make sense. Steven himself has lived his whole life with little people, and yet the thought that his unborn child is one makes him so angry that he tilts his head up and opens his mouth a little (McConaughey's version of anger) is intolerable and nonsensical. The worst thing (yes there's a worst thing) about this whole debacle is the role of Steven's brother, played by none other than Gary Oldman. That villain from every decent film of the 90's? Yeah, he's a dwarf now. The aesthetics to create the dwarf persona include fake legs dangling off edges whenever he sits, and an obvious camera angle to hide the fact that he's on his knees. Besides that, there is a subplot between another little person who travels with Oldman, and his hippie girlfriend, played by Dinklage and Arquette. Both characters are repulsive and their stories go nowhere, as they suddenly leave in the last ten minutes of the film, as if to escape it. The film also carries an R-rating, which really screwed itself over, not including the two types of people who would enjoy this: small children and teenage boys. Shallow, too short to form a concrete idea, and just too weird to be of this world, this, I promise you being real, is one film that's always reaching.

Giorgio P (kr) wrote: American Pie attracts the more easy to please audiences with gross out comedy but actually manages to impress with a nice and heart warming message

Jon W (ca) wrote: gary oldman is pretty good in this and it gets a little bit crazy by the end, decent movie

Trey J (de) wrote: What a classic film, Booger is the man

Andrew S (nl) wrote: Here's the worst film I've ever seen, and the only one against which I carry strong loathing on a personal level. Peter Sellers is one of my all-time favorite actors, and he died before filming the planned sixth entry into the Pink Panther series. Director Blake Edwards dipped to a nadir light years deep to release this film. It's nothing more than cutting room floor material for older films in the series and one of the most boring sequences I've ever seen in film in which a reporter goes from character to character and asks them about their memories of the now-missing Inspector Clouseau, featuring "flashbacks" of old movies akin to the clip episode that re-occurred in nearly every long-running TV sitcom in the 80s and early 90s. Sellers is "featured" in the movie's first act, in deleted scenes that were never good enough to see the light of day. As a result, what I saw was defiling of a corpse. Edwards made this film under the guise of forming a "tribute," but there is no way this unfunny drivel was ever considered good movie material. He just wanted to pump as much cash as he could from the series post-Sellers and never thought to let the man rest in peace. This shameful bastardization of cinema goes beyond simply non-existent storytelling, bad acting, and no direction. It's wrong on a personal level. May all who involved themselves in this desecration die a torturous death and burn in hell for mocking the memory of Peter Sellers.

Ron C (ru) wrote: This is just a feel good moovie that leaves everyone happy. Not a bad thing for s moovie.

Mott S (it) wrote: A seriously entertaining film centered on youth, nihilism, and most prominently feminism. Wonderfully made with interesting special effects and an amazing sound design. I'm not sure why anyone feels it's important to point out that it's incoherent. Like, way to go, you must've watched the movie. Not everything can be Rocky IV. It seems like most of the negative reviews neglect to analyze the film any deeper than face value, which is a shame. But I suppose that's often the case with feminist cinema.

Andy M (br) wrote: Atrochus. The only word for it. I knew there was a reason this was only 3 quid. A bunch of hapless teens wind up in a building where a serial killer in a coma controls ppl when they fall asleep to kill ppl for no reason...exactly! One good neck snap, and Tara Reid is bearable for about 20 seconds when shes runnin & bouncin. DEFINATELY avoid. Not even so bad it's good!

Cameron J (ag) wrote: The story behind the movie alone is enough to make it a classic.

Scott M (ag) wrote: Where has this little gem been my whole life.

Brian B (es) wrote: Oscar winning performance by Forest Whitaker! Four stars hands down!