Out 1

Out 1

While two dueling theater groups rehearse plays by Aeschylus, two solitary individuals wander the Parisian streets hustling the populace for cash and unravel a conspiracy.

"Out 1" is a very precise picture of post May '68 malaise - when Utopian dreams of a new society had crashed and burned, radical terrorism was starting to emerge in unlikely places and a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (ag) wrote: This was a depressingly, morbid love story. The cast was phenomenal, but the story was a real downer.

Samra M (br) wrote: A typical bollywood masala horror ... with music, jokes and romance thrown in to give it a mass appeal !! 3D - bollywood has yet to figure the technology out!! Thrill/Suspense - hardly there ... ! Action/Story - fairly stupid ...!! Most annoying was the makeup of the men (purple lipsticks were just ghastly!!!) and the ghosts (with those sick looking eyes!)

Alex S (gb) wrote: The animation in this movie has always been one of my favorites. This type of animation is also seen in Pirates! Band of Misfits and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Tad, the Lost Explorer works as a surprisingly good satire of primarily Indiana Jones but also Tarzan and Star Wars. I was very surprised at how clever this movie was and I think this shouldn't be overlooked

Tim E (es) wrote: It's the perfect kind of Horror Film, the kind where it relies more on the imagination, rather than blood and gore. Dark corners, quick moving camera angles, and the entire time your imagination is going wild. Well worth the watch!

Ali S (jp) wrote: the plot's not realistic, not enough torture..

Johnny R (br) wrote: Awesome movie!! It was hilarious, romantic, engaging, fun, and entertaining!! It had some really funny moments!! The film live up to its title!! The cast was great!! If you like crazy comedy, than check this out!! If you don't, than forget about this and look somewhere else!! This is a must-see!!

Scott M (us) wrote: Story about a poor family that has a real cast of characters. All of them are funny and their story is very entertaining. Its about how you can still have love and happiness without money. Very good movie. Alan Arkin is amazing.

Muffin M (nl) wrote: Haru (Chris Farley) is an orphaned American who washes ashore in Japan and is mistaken for the great White Ninja of legend. Raised among the finest Ninjas, Haru grows strong and big-very big. With the grace of all Three Stooges rolled into one body, Haru is an embarrassment to his clan. But when a beautiful blonde (Nicollette Sheridan) pleads for his help. Haru is given one dangerous, disastrously funny chance to prove himself.also stars Robin Shou, Nathaniel Parker, Chris Rock, Soon-Tek Oh, Francois Chau, Billy Connolly and Keith Cooke Hirabyashi.directed by Dennis Dugan.

Ulla D (es) wrote: LOVE this movie! Kind of reminds me of "Pygmalion". Julia Roberts (in the role that gave her her big break) stars as Vivian, a hooker in L.A. Richard Gere plays a businessman in need of a date for his engagements throughout the week and pays Vivian $3,000 to be his escort. During the week, they fall in love, much to both of their dismays.My favorite part was her trying on all the dresses as the song "Pretty Woman" plays in the background. Soundtrack was also excellent.I've been waiting years to see this movie and it was well worth the wait. I'm currently looking for "Pretty Woman" on DVD! Not too shabby for a free movie on On Demand!

Greg W (ca) wrote: awesome remake of the silent 1922 classic like the original nosferatu, kinski is perfectly cast in this.

Linda K (us) wrote: A guilty pleasure. Said to be Henry Fonda's least favorite of all his films because it was silly. More likely because Natalie Wood calls him ugly.

Russ B (mx) wrote: 12/17/2016: A classic action movies and one of the best from the 80's.

Troy M (ru) wrote: One of the best movies I have ever seen and one in which the funnier scenes improve upon reviewing....now that I'm in that age bracket and have had many opportunities slip by, and perspective changes with each passing year, this is a film to relish and laugh both at and laugh with, much as I laugh at myself as I, too, fumble through life with varying levels of success

Alex K (ag) wrote: 1999's Fight Club Is One Of My Favorite Films.