Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes

The real-life story of Gisella Perl, a Jewish Hungarian doctor imprisoned in the notorious Auschwitz death camp of World War II.

Based on a true story, this heart-wrenching film follows the journey of Gisella Perl (Christine Lahti), a Jewish-Hungarian doctor who manages to... Based on a true story, this ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nery C (mx) wrote: Let me just begin with saying I am totally ignorant on the subject matter(I just recently learned what wiki leaks was). This movie makes the wheels in your head spin. The idea of The virtual sit in and virtual protest is fascinating,mesmerizing and frightening at the same time. Watch it and come up with your own conclusion.

Jordon J (br) wrote: An engaging, impressively staged revenge drama with a striking central performance from newcomer Joe Cole and a strong support cast. I say RENT IT!!!

Anna P (nl) wrote: Fun - probably much more fun if you're an English teacher!

Eoghan C (kr) wrote: None of the girls can make a dull below-average premise interesting. I was so bored on how predictable it is. If they changed the plot, then it could be decent. It doesn't bring anything different which makes this forgettable and have no rewatch value.

Andhika B (br) wrote: while not reaching the word "perfection" (Landscape in the Mist did that), but, this, my second Angelopoulos experience, is still a great, and beautiful film. Angelopoulos is in the verge of becoming one of my favorite auteurs !

Ernie M (de) wrote: Not a very good introduction to Fishburne for me. Stephen Baldwin (with 'Usual Suspects' excluded) is ehhh... as usual.

Linda B (de) wrote: I enjoyed this movie. After a slow start, you start to see a very strong friendship developing between Julien and Jean. There are a few occasions when you really don't know whether Jean's true identity will be discovered - and your heart jumps with terror. This film might be a little slower paced than other movies, but it has one of the most poignant and moving final scenes that I have ever seen. If like me you loved "Les Choristes", you'll definately like this.

Allan C (au) wrote: Well crafted mystery with hints of supernatural about a turn of the century girls school outing into the Australian outback, where three of the girls and a teacher all mysteriously disappear. It's an intriguing film and unfolds in a nearly hypnotic and dreamlike fashion under director Peter Weir. However, I also found the film rather slow and ponderous, but the story, atmosphere and intriguing outback setting are enough to carry the day. Well worth watching.

Osman Emre K (br) wrote: This one is as heavy as a 'donkey corpse'. No more, no less!

familiar s (au) wrote: Not panic enough to entertain.

Christi S (mx) wrote: Cute but difficult to watch at times. Don't you just want to help people make better decisions with their life? There's a lot of that in this flick but the characters are charming. Even the supporting characters.