Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark

Stephen Chow plays an "insane" person who is not afraid of anything. He also appears to be parodying Leon (the professional). Carrying his trusty plant and bag of cling wrap and chocolates he helps a young girl to rid her building of a couple mean ghosts.

Tenant Mr. Li of an apartment high-rise is weary of the return of his late mother's ghost. When she appears in the apartment, she haunts Li and his wife, who she blames for her death. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler S (us) wrote: Bummer. Not what I expected, and not in a good way. It'd get a worse rating if it weren't for the good acting EVERY ONCE AND A WHILE.

Bobhadababy I (de) wrote: This story taps into the music lover in all of us. That moment a song comes and you just feel good all over abd nastalgic.

David K (br) wrote: Gripping, dramatic and put together in an interesting and original way. Incredible acting all around, keeps you in this dirty universe, and hits you right in the guts.

Susan B (au) wrote: I love these sorts of movies: charming and fanciful, and kind of out of touch with reality. It was very much along the lines of Amelie.

Emily B (au) wrote: The acting wasn't too bad. But I hate the fact two horses were killed in the making of this movie. I regret seeing it and buying the dvd.

Camille L (us) wrote: I Love Your Work, deuxime film d'Adam Goldberg, se veut trange, fascinant et original. Il parvient quasiment ses fins. Etrange, original et parfois fascinant, cette histoire de starification, de stalker et d'un type qui devient totalement fou jou par un excellent Giovanni Ribisi n'est pourtant pas vraiment un bon film. Adam Goldberg ne se refuse rien, aucune digression mais n'est pas Full Frontal qui veut. On se retrouve souvent devant un assemblage de scnes qui n'ont pas grand chose raconter et qui font partie d'un ensemble chaotique tournant trop vite vide. C'est dommage car Vince Vaughn, Christina Ricci ou encore Frank Potente y livrent des performances remarquables.

Jordan K (ag) wrote: Bruce Almighty is one of the most cliched films of the early 2000s and is incredibly bland in spots, appearing to be indecisive in whether it is a modern comedy or if it contains a feel good Christian message and was lucky enough to get funding and big name actors - it's an enjoyable film and it's one of the biggest "what if" films made, but appears too lighthearted in spots.News anchor Bruce Nolan meets God himself after numerous mishaps in his life and gains God's own powers. Of course he mistreats them for his own use and his life spirals out of control until he learns the true way of religion and God.Bruce Almighty is predictable and cliched from the beginning, and is a big budget religious message film - you know the ones I'm talking about. It has its moments but overall feels conflicted and too lifehearted. The modern world of film always has a hard time with religion, and it usually backfires noting its a touchy topic that a multitude of different viewers will see. Bruce Almighty itself is a fun time and starts out in a fun way when Bruce first uses his powers (yes, the famous "Evan says gibberish on the news" scene), but gets boring and predictable by the end.

sniper F (au) wrote: wala lang,3p ko lang...

Stephen M (es) wrote: Johnny Cash's song sets the tone. Tuesday and Gregory are subdued and great actors. The atmosphere of the hillbilly town and area is perfect. Great elements make a great movie.

Jesper J (nl) wrote: Maybe it was something back then. But not anymore

Simon T (fr) wrote: Fascinating examination of how maverick art house director Alejandro Jodorowsky put together his extraordinary adaptation of Frank Herbert's sci-fi novel without bothering to read it. Instead he corralled an eclectic group of artists, musicians and actors (Salvador Dali, Orson Welles, H.R.Giger, Mick Jagger among them) and somewhat naively then expected every major Hollywood studio to finance his intended 12-hour epic. Jodorowsky himself is a charismatic optimist, and one ends up charmed and enthralled by his doomed vision.