After his father's death, Adam hitchhikes to London from his hometown in Poland to find his older brother...

After his father's death, Adam hitchhikes to London from his hometown in Poland to find his older brother... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Outlanders torrent reviews

Isaac C (ru) wrote: As much as I hate to say it, this was a mediocre anti-war documentary. I've seen a handful, and this does not particularly impress. What this film does is ask us to not just look at deaths, but consider what it means to be wounded, and the permanent implications of it. This film is somewhat boring and repetitive, but parts of it including Tomas' personality does make it better. It was also interesting to see Bobby Mueller after watching Hearts and Minds not long ago.

Christopher H (au) wrote: There is very little that could have saved this film. The cast was stacked despite its straight-to-DVD feel and even then, the comedy does not hit the surface as the writers probably want it to. Long can only carry the film so far and events just tend to happen without any real reason or logic to back them up.

Brendan N (kr) wrote: tom selleck owns the lead and gives a once in a life time performance. the mystery plays out like an old fashioned noir and is not as focused on Stone which is a shame because that was the strength of the first two films. the story involves two cases one which involves the floating body of a young girl & a husband and wife battery case. the mystery of the girl is handled with a little care but the battery case is so emotionally weak its hard to imagine why they even included it.this was a little weaker then the last addition which really set the bench mark for the series. hopefully Stone will start facing some tougher cases and demons for the next round.

Sean P (es) wrote: An exciting plot with man twists and turns.

Cline D (gb) wrote: Chasss-croiss amoureux sur fond de guerre d'Espagne et et de 2me Guerre mondiale, de sacrifice, de peine, de douleur, de mort, et d'amour plus fort que tout.

Rhys E (fr) wrote: Amazing film that every Man will love, constant action and great acting

Brad Y (nl) wrote: This exceptional historical drama deftly portrays the Cuban Missile Crisis and shows viewers just how close we came to destruction.

Private U (kr) wrote: Do you know who I am?

Vincent L (gb) wrote: Driving Instructor:"C'mon, speed up, speed up.." Learner: "But what if theres something around the bend?" Instructor: "Think on the bright side of life.. what if there isn't?"

Michael M (ca) wrote: No need for an inflated, descriptive review here. This is a solid, albeit ignored John Wayne film that was bashed by the big critics. Just watch and enjoy.