Outpost: Rise Of The Spetsnaz

Outpost: Rise Of The Spetsnaz

In the third installment of the hit Nazi Zombie action horror movie, Outpost: Rise Of The Spetnaz, we discover the horrifying origins of these supernatural soldiers and see them in ferocious gladiatorial battle against the most ruthless and notorious of all military special forces: the Russian Spetsnaz.

In 1944 the Russian army attacked East Germany. After the attack to destroy Nazi convoy, Sergeant Dolokhov and Commandos discovered a secret that could change the course of the war, but they were captured by German troops. The secret which the Russian discovered was that Strasser colonel was growing a invincible fighting force: an unstoppable army of Nazi soldiers - zombie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Outpost: Rise Of The Spetsnaz torrent reviews

Kale W (kr) wrote: 3.67 --- Oddly weird and charming at the same time.

Swan T (gb) wrote: I gave it one star because it was actually made into a film so I'm assuming at least, the cast and crew were paid; that's the only good reason for this piece of abysmally bad writing and lack of actor chemistry acting to have ever been made.

Eva P (ag) wrote: OMG! This was a great movie. It gives you a great explanation at the end and still leaves you with questions. (Though if you think hard enough you can figure them out). It is a great movie with twists and turns. If you think it's JUST a ghost movie think again. You'll love this movie (If you watch the WHOLE thing). Might have an intelligence factor to it too... (Have to say that has a friend who is a bit slow to these things)

Sakkara S (jp) wrote: love this funny movie...

Nate T (de) wrote: Painful. On Blu-ray.

Nick F (it) wrote: With the masterful screenplay by Robert Towne and the subtle yet inclusive visual style of Roman Polanski complemented by the chemistry between Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway Chinatown hits all the right notes for a Noir classic while also giving an unique and realistic message that leaves a profound statement.

Brendan N (us) wrote: original fantasy film and typical Gilliam brand. He was in the peak of his filmmaking in the 80s and 90s and this another great film. Full of great cameos and interesting oddball characters, you can't dislike such a passion filled film. Sean Connery is very good in a limited role. I couldn't believe this film has gone past my collection for so long.