A documentary about the life of five immigrants in Canada.

  • Category:Drama
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Leocuto
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Kei Kosonoy
  • Writer:Kei Kosonoy

A documentary about the life of five immigrants in Canada. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James L (it) wrote: A suitably heart warming experience, best watched if you know the premise of the shoe though.

Lori R (ca) wrote: Here is an amazing movie about three women maneuvering through life. Each person connects with another person--in spite of barriers created by their different cultures, languages, personal objectives and backgrounds--and end up connecting with themselves in order to overcome a painful experience in their past. Wow!

Mark W (kr) wrote: A touching, and well thought out project, that makes for a great film. A great concept allowing 3 directors knit their stories together. It certainly works well. Watch it!

Fascade F (jp) wrote: A made for TV movie that should have went to the silver screen...Sammy the Bull's story told and narrated as of what happened to John Gotti leading up to his FINAL trial. Well narrated, Well paced...a heck of alot of stars in this....See it it is a winner!

Eytan D (ru) wrote: "Fame" is not just a movie musical. It has dynamite song and dance numbers, but it's one of the first musicals to portray New York life for high school teens striving for success in such a bittersweet, honest, and real manner. The tone is helped greatly by terrific performances from all the teens. I can't find a single thing wrong with "Fame". It's entertaining, vibrant, and it has one of the best scores of all time. The title song, "Hot Lunch Jam", "Out Here on My Own" and "I Sing the Body Electric" are standouts.

Afal S (ca) wrote: Burn! is a mix of socialist polemic and historical melodrama. Made in the political foment of the late 1960's, and at the lowest point in Marlon Brando's career, he plays a mysterious English adventurer, William Walker, sowing discord among the slaves of a Caribbean Island in the 1800's- but does he have an ulterior motive? The mix of politics and melodrama never quite comes off, and yet Burn! somehow avoids being a failure due to Pontecorvo's sinuous, fluid, and humanistic direction, Morricone's stirring, rhythmic soundtrack, and Marlon Brando's Walker, never more personal and self-reflective (except perhaps in Last Tango). Instead of going through the motions like usual, it seems to me that Brando really related to his role, and so worked his hardest to create a marvellously contradictory character, a man of serious depth and doubt covered up by a wolfish smile. The effect is rousing and deeply intriguing, and Burn! is therefore a must for everyone, not just his many fans. But what should not be forgotten is Evaristo Marquez's supporting performance as the Toussant L'Overture-like freed slave Jose Dolores, taken under Walker's dubious, chimerical wing- Marquez's transformation from naive, trusting youth to world-weary martyred revolutionary, and his passionate and eventually poisoned relationship with William Walker, stand alongside Brando's at the heart of the film. I am surprised he did not become as big an actor as Sydney Poitier- incidentally Poitier was the first choice to play Dolores.

Damon R (it) wrote: I had a blast watching the Iron Man anime movie. It's so cool.

Crystal E (br) wrote: If you are looking for a modern 80s style film, this is it. The jokes, the cheese, the predictable action it is all there just with modern cinematography and effects. A fun little light hearted watch.

Paja R (au) wrote: Best Worst film ever!