Outside Sales

Outside Sales

A romantic comedy about a depressed salesman coping with a cheating wife, his sadistic boss and the beautiful sales rep hired to replace him.

A romantic comedy about a depressed salesman coping with a cheating wife, his sadistic boss and the beautiful sales rep hired to replace him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian E (br) wrote: "Enemy of the State" is an exciting thriller that overcomes its insubstantial plot with suspense thanks to its intensely directed action sequences, and a strong and convincing performance from Will Smith.

Dustin G (de) wrote: I know this movie is just rife with mistakes and silliness but it's undeniably entertaining despite it. Michael Keaton is amazing and really shows his dramatic and comedic talent in multiple roles. It really is very impressive acting, even if the material he has the work with doesn't always match it. It's not a great movie, and there are better examples of similar plot-lines, but it's a good time.

Keith C (gb) wrote: I love old movies. I have never seen a Carole Lombard movie. This was my first. I really enjoyed it. Fred MacMurray is devilishly handsome and has his pipe in hand "ala" Mr. Douglas from My Three Sons" Speaking of that, how great was it to see Fred have a scene with William Demarest in this movie. Great fun for an old film. Not too long and not too boring. Good one to watch.

Stefan G (ca) wrote: To put "Final Fantasy" in the title was perhaps the biggest mistake the producers made, considering that the film itself has absolutely nothing to do with Final Fantasy. In fact, it's just another CGI-laden Hollywood sci-fi movie that does little other than making you question why it was made. I will admit that the animation was ahead of its time, but it seems as though that was all they focused on. In trying to animate every last detail of every character, they forgot about perfecting the things that the film actually needed: good characters, an entertaining plot, and an actual link to the Final Fantasy games. The characters are basically clichd for the sake of being clichd, and even though they were designed and rendered very professionally, the performance of these characters are devoid of real emotion. The story, meanwhile, is a pathetic attempt at trying to follow the lead of Final Fantasy VII, complete with the similar concept of Gaia. The film seems to eschew the familiar Final Fantasy tropes purely for the sake of doing so, and what we get is a stereotypical sci-fi setting. At best, it could be an ancillary spin-off of the franchise. At worst, and perhaps more accurately, it's a stale, half-baked sci-fi movie with a nonsensical premise. The fact that the creator of Final Fantasy made this movie speaks volumes about how Final Fantasy franchise had already passed its prime.

Robert H (fr) wrote: THE BOOK OF ELI is yet another entry in the well-populated post-apocalyptic genre and, to be honest, doesn't do a lot to distinguish itself from its brethren. What makes it an interesting watch are the stylistic choices, well-executed action, and committed performances from a stellar cast. The plot concerns Eli (mentioned by name only once), who is headed west with the last copy of the Bible (in the US, at least). On his journey he meets a warlord (Gary Oldman) who has been looking for the book and wants to use it for his own purposes. From a narrative standpoint, THE BOOK OF ELI keeps things very simple, and even the characters aren't too well-defined, being more archetypes than anything else. Of course, this is mostly fine as the film has higher ideas on its mind than just providing a cool story. There was some passing mention of what caused the world to be the way it is, and attempts at fleshing out the finer details of the world in the film, but nothing on the level of what George Miller did with the MAD MAX franchise. What holds the film together is Denzel Washington, who has made a career out of playing men of action (and, occasionally, few words). He plays Eli with the cool detachment required, but also imbues him with a sense of humor and humanity that makes him a little more relatable. Gary Oldman also does fine as the villain, but his motivations (as well as Eli's ultimate goal) remain unfortunately broad and vague. Mila Kunis is the weak spot in the cast, and she can't quite hold her own against such heavyweights. Outside of Denzel, where the film really shines is the style and action. Although the film has the same de-saturated color palette common in the genre, it contributed positively to the lived-in feeling of the world it depicted. Everything (and everyone) was appropriately grimy and dirty, as it should be when the world has suffered from nuclear war. I also thought there was creative work in the action sequences, particularly the first one in which Eli takes on a group of hijackers. It took place mostly in silhouette, which gave it a comic book feel. In fact, this film would make an excellent graphic novel. Still, the film is not without its problems. The biggest one is the pacing, which stays a little on the slow side. Granted, there are necessary moments where the characters can interact, but the combination of dour visuals and a slow pace didn't really mesh well. Also, as indicated earlier, the vagueness with which character motivation is treated was a bit disappointing. What saves the film from mediocrity is a great payoff in the last 20-25 minutes. I won't spoil anything here, but I will say that it makes a lot of sense if you know your Bible stories. Ultimately, THE BOOK OF ELI is a solid, if unspectacular, entry in its genre, but Denzel Washington's performance, inventive action sequences, and examination of religion's societal role make it worth your time.