Master car thieves square off against French gangsters in the South of France with money, women and lives all on the line.

The story centers on two car thieves, brothers, who journey to the south of France for new opportunities and wind up in the cross hairs of the local crime boss. Andrew and Garrett Foster (Scott Eastwood and Freddie Thorp) are thieves who specialize in luxury cars, only the most expensive cars. They've been hired to steal a gorgeous Bugatti 1937 valued million euros, so they head to the south of France for the job. But they get caught, and Jacomo Morier (Simon Abkarian), the local crime boss who owns the Bugatti, doesn't take it lightly. In exchange for their lives the two brothers will have to steal a car from Max Klemp (Clemens Schick), Morier's arch-rival, and not any car, Morier wants them to steal Klemp's 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, his most prized car. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Overdrive torrent reviews

squodgy t (mx) wrote: Audience score says it all.Why you give such credence to obviously compliant puppet "critical reviewers" is just laughable.

lisa m (nl) wrote: A real eye-opener! I was glued to the screen from start to finish.

Will C (kr) wrote: Total trash. Cherry picked data, doctors who committed fraud pretending to be experts, appeals to emotion. It's fabricated fear mongering lies without actual substance. It's meant to scare you into medically neglecting your children so Pharma profits from diseases that are easily preventable.

Therese L (ca) wrote: What a WAKE UP call!!

Sharon W (br) wrote: If you believe vaccines are safe, you need to see this documentary. What an eye opener. The pharmaceutical compamy has a fortune to lose if you don't vaccinate. You can lose a child if you do. Educate yourself. Doctors make mistakes all the time. They're not perfect. They believe what the pharmaceutical reps tell them without reading the vaccine inserts and hand you a watered down version. Ask for the insert that comes with the vaccine and read the side effects. Make an informed/educated decision.

Sharon D (it) wrote: Everyone in the world needs to witness and understand this information to be informed.

Sande C (mx) wrote: This was an eye opener. Wow.

Ramona C (it) wrote: I found this movie highly informative. It doesn't say don't vaccinate your children, it simply points out that vaccinating at a later date, when risks are lower for children, is a better choice. Watch the move, listen to the facts and decide for yourself when would be a good age to vaccinate your children. It is THE question every parent should be asking . . .

Nina A (ag) wrote: I predict this will be one of the most significant documentaries in history. It is worth watching about the CDC corruption and how the mainsteam media is scared to talk about it. This once censored film is now being requested around the world. This will affect everyone living on this planet. Don't bury your head in the sand, see this movie!

Natalie A (au) wrote: A must watch film. After watching the film you understand why they don't want you to see it. Everything that we were told about vaccines is a lie.

Mo D (ru) wrote: Love this movie. A must watch for every parent!

Mary K (br) wrote: The Vaxxed bus has been touring the country and it now has over 6000 signatures on it - each signature represents a serious vaccine injury or death. The movie tour brought these families out because finally, some one was listening. See more at Vaxxed TV on you tube. - This 7-minute tribute - "Into the Light " encapsulates the phenomenon of the Vaxxed bus. Search" "Into The Light" - A Short-Film Tribute to The VaxXed Movement by Forrest Maready - or search - VAXXED MOVEMENT: INTO THE LIGHT - on youtube

Marie H (kr) wrote: This movie encourages people to put their children and others' children at risk from diseases we can prevent. It relies on the "science" of Andrew Wakefield, who was found to have manipulated the data in his study to "prove" that vaccines cause autism. This movie is a health hazard in and of itself.

Marcello F (nl) wrote: Awesome !!!!!! Worth the watch.

Laurence B (us) wrote: Excellent expose of government corruption. The CDC's own science showed vaccines caused autism, but they covered it up. A whistleblower broke ranks and revealed the corruption.

Laura B (br) wrote: If you want to awaken to some real truths and the holocaust that is being perpetrated on our babies and our children I highly recommend watching this film. The MMR vaccines and many other vaccines are filled with neurotoxins and very few that know this truth have the courage to speak out. I commend the bravery to anybody that speaks out explains one of the reasons why our generation of kids are brain injured and labeled as autistic

LYnn W (ag) wrote: This is well done 1000% legit documentary. It's been censored and bashed by every publication like Hollywood reporter la times Washington post ect because they are all bought along with all TV media . You guys all are sell outs.This is a very accurate and damning film that incriminates many individuals at our CDC. At this point we all are now waking up to the fact that reporters and the mainstream media are participating in pure propaganda. This film is like a public service message slipping in past and informing us, for our own well being and protection and that of our families.

Krista G (ag) wrote: This is information that everyone needs to know. Please watch.

Kirstie H (ru) wrote: anecdotes are the same as scientific evidence, and that personal observation ("I've seen it with my own eyes!") should be compelling enough reason to believe in the public health nightmare that is the anti-vaxx movement.

Katherine D (it) wrote: Exceptional documentary. Do NOT watch if you want to remain ignorant. Watch this movie if you want to learn the truth behind the money train to Big Pharma and the biggest cover up at the CDC since the Tuskegee Experiment. Notice on here how most of the top reviews are journalists - they get their advertising dollars from Big Pharma (paid shills)